New here, never baptised (thank god)!

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    olongapo joe

    Careful, Does the Navy give you any medical care?

    Yes, we can use tri care standard, although not many Doctors accept it, and there is a V.A. clinic in Manila, but they usually only treat service connected conditions.

    Careful, did they ever fix shit river?

    No, pretty much the same as always, they do dredge it occasionally for flood control. Po city and Subic has regular garbage trucks for weekly trash pick up, where I live there is just a kid on a bike with a cart who takes our garbage for 20 peso a week, that's about 40 cents last I checked 47 peso to the dollar.

    Steve2, do the JW's make themselves known to you?

    yes, they seem to be doing well here there are 3 halls that I know of within 15 miles of my house, seen them in fs 3 or 4 times in the last few years, actually see the Mormons more, but they are easily identifiable by the white shirt and tie.

    Thanks for all the welcomes

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