Elder Arrest Scaremongering

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  • jw07

    Last week there was a meeting with all the elders and ministerial servants about responsibility in the kingdom hall and blah blah blah.

    One elder brought up a scenario where all the elders were arrested, and we were asked if the meeting would still go on, and how.

    This is the second time within a month that I've heard that scenario posed by an elder in my congregation.

    Does anyone have any idea of the trash being fed to them in letters recently?

    Is this a scenario that HQ is putting out there, or are the fear mongering convention videos driving their imaginations wild?

  • smiddy

    My guess would be the doomsday videos they put out are responsible.Over zealous dubs have always ran ahead of jehovah`s slow moving chariot .

    Put the fear of God into the R&F to do more so your congregation gets some kudos from the CO.

  • Iamallcool
  • Chook

    If they hadn't changed their mind so often regarding the book of revelation and its interpretation, the original story with all the beasts and their glory could be put in JW script for their final party ,where we apostates on this forum will be bled dry by Big Tony Morris. We know WT rode the beast of the UN for ten years , wild beasts and blood sports have held the masses for centuries , so our BOYS at Brooklyn are rodeo champions ,hang on for the ride of scare mongering and fear . Mr Lett that smile as you kill those dear children in Bangladesh where there is only one brother to one million people. O I'm sure they have heard Gods name , as they bleed.

  • keinlezard


    Personnaly I think here we have many things.

    - first as wrote smiddy the videos of this regional convention.

    - second ( and that was in relation with ) all the trials that could becomes a reality after Candace Conti , Jose lopez, ARC and UK about pedophilia problems.

    The GB has probably think that the attack is better than defense ... and they prepare congregation for these "armagedon" ( about responsibility in pedophilia affairs )

    -Third internet provides huge amount of information and probably ( too ) lesser recruitment of adept ... then the GB try to have form a group of JW that were ready to follow him even in the Hell :(

    ( Sorry for my english ... hope you will understand :) )


  • Lostandfound

    If elders accept this bs then they should wait and see, trusting in J, instead of apparently rushing ahead. If all elders arrested and no meetings in years past a big cheer from me, no more wasted Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as a whole free Sunday

  • berrygerry

    Free-for-all brawl from the sisters who want the reins.

  • Fairlane

    "Driving their imaginations wild ".....since when has it been any different? The imagination s of these zealots give them their reason d' etre !!.

  • stuckinarut2

    If the elders were all arrested, it would be because the police realised that they did not report all the child abusers to them!

  • blondie

    jw07, I don't know what country you are talking about but even at the height of WW2, I can't think of where "jw elders" were arrested except in Nazi Germany and areas held by them or countries with totalitarian countries....so is your country moving towards that.

    I can remember when jws would flood certain US small towns that would not allow preaching on Sunday....jws won the right to do that but how many jws preach on Sundays...very few in the congregations I attended.

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