Could you really trust the Governing Body to the right thing?

by no-zombie 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy3

    The Jehovah Witness organization/International bible students Association /Governing body members of such said organizations are parasites on human society and a blight on humanity who falsely claim they are a charitable organization ,who do no charitable works.

    Unlike Christendoms religions who do heaps of charitable works throughout their communities providing much needed help and support and health care for the less fortunate and vulnerable people that need it .

  • zeb

    and there was one of them who stated he is not subject to the Watchtower....

    • would I trust anyone with money/projects who has no kids,
    • doesnt work,
    • doesnt own a car,
    • does not pay a mortgage
    • who lives in a a sort of fairy land with no concept of reality as his fellow citizens know it.
  • Chook

    Could you trust a pit bull guarding the pork chops ?

  • Vidiot

    We've been hoping the GB would do the right thing for decades, now.

    What's their track record been so far?

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