Is Pokemon Demonic?

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  • Saename

    [Spoiler: Pokemon is an invitation to communication with or possession by demons because... well... Pokemon comes from demons. We all know that, right?]

    So... I was looking through different questions on Quora, and I noticed one that read, "Is Pokemon demonic?" I was interested in seeing what people have to say, especially that not so long ago there was a thread (or a post in a thread?) that talked about Jehovah's Witnesses and Pokemon. Do Jehovah's Witnesses condemn Pokemon? What do they think of it?

    Up until now I heard nothing but silence...

    So... well... in this question, I saw a very interesting answer (okay, maybe not necessarily interesting...). The style of writing seemed to be Jehovah's Witness-like, and when I checked the user's other answers, sure enough, it turned out the guy is a Jehovah's Witness.

    Please enjoy what this Jehovah's Witness had to say about whether Pokemon is demonic (and please do look at the comments!): Is Pokemon Demonic? Jehovah's Witness Answers Your Concerns!

  • Crabby

    No, it's a money making scam as once you get to a certain level you have to pay. There is anecdotal evidence that it is better than smoking.

    However to a schizophrenic JW, anything can be demonic, including the manger at Christmas

  • Saename
    Crabby - No, it's a money making scam as once you get to a certain level you have to pay.

    I've never played Pokemon GO (I assume you're referring to Pokemon GO), so I wouldn't know about that. But I'm not surprised. Thanks for letting me know either way.

  • Tenacious

    No and neither are the Smurfs or Dora.

    It simply amazes me that zealous witnesses will be quick to label something as improper yet if you were to provide free tickets to the Magic Kingdom they'll practically trip over each other trying to kiss your a*s for them.

  • snare&racket

    What an idiot. Pokemon can lead to divination, or seeking answers through supernatural means. Jeehoober hates anyone who practices divination, except the Israelites, who practiced divination in the name of Jeehoober.

    Jehoober hates Jeehoober-free divination and anything that poke'volves, espescially fossil Pokemon, because Satan made fossils to trick J-Dumbs.


  • Simon

    It's annoying ... my phone locked up and a crap-load of that "walking" thing I did hadn't counted.

    My eggs should have hatched by now, plus I'm sick of getting rats and pigeons.

    1st world problems.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Yeah, there are some cuckoo JW promotors on Quora. I battle them when I feel like it, exposing all their dirty little secrets.

    Btw this guy isn't even the worst of them. Some just answer every question with a short but shameless 'find your answer on' plug. This guy just writes down his own weird beliefs without (directly) promoting the cult.

  • ttdtt

    Of course its demonic!

    Think about it - you only see THEM when you get this "game" somehow transmitted to you invisibly through the air! Only Jehober has the right to beam messages to the GB that way.

    Also you need this Magic Box in your hand to play it.

    And Nobody else around you see those things!


    Exorcist anyone!

  • WTWizard

    Pokemon GO can be dangerous if you are reckless. You need to watch where you are going, and that includes crime risks. It can also be healthy exercise. You can spend as much or as little money on it as you like.

    As for Pokemon in general, there is an element of Satanism in it--perhaps because it glorifies justice. It is the bad team, up to no good, that always seems to get their butts whooped by a 10 year old child, and their plans to enslave the world get thwarted. It also encourages preparing ahead--go into a battle without preparation, you get your butt whooped instead. This is the allegory--the better you are prepared, the better you stand against slavery.

    However, it is not so blatant that it gets banned (if it really was that blatant, it would have been squashed). Many of the battles are really against trainers in the grass or trying to earn badges, not against the team that is trying to enslave the world (Team Rothschild aka Rocket, Plasma, Galactica, Flare). And you can catch and train as you see fit, making the game a good platform for learning to make basic decisions and their consequences. Not quite as real as the real world, but better than nothing.

    The move types also hint at self defense. You have fighting moves and fighting types, insinuating at martial arts. There are psychic and ghost types, along with dark. And dragon. These are associated with Demons. And, when these moves are put to use to take a stand against slavery, they are positive. Of course, as with anything else, I do not recommend playing Pokemon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the time unless you are otherwise disabled and cannot work or do other things. But, if I had a choice between playing Pokemon and placing damnation books for joke-hova, I would rather be playing. Ditto the choice between playing Pokemon (promotes justice and fighting slavery) or reading the LIE-ble (which promotes injustice and slavery).

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