You're fired!...Damage control in October broadcast

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  • ab.ortega

    This new broadcast features interviews with Bethelites from South Africa that were fired reassigned to the ministry field. I almost feel sorry for these people who gave their all thinking they would be taken care of for who-knows how many years. However they were let go in the blink of an eye. You can see the sadness in some of the interviewees even though their words express otherwise. Some of the wording also seems scripted. How can they even consider this a blessing, being a burden to the congregation they were sent to. How in the world is this a sign that the "end" is getting closer. SMH.

    I am so "blessed" to be awake and that I was never accepted as a Bethelite, though I think they did call after I was awake. Too late!!!

  • zeb

    what is the health care situation in SA? Is this another case of wt dumping its liabilities?

  • Chook

    JWs are one of the only church's that don't have nursing homes ( old people's full time care facilities) , that should ring alarm bells. Some of other church's even have hospitals, if JWs had hospitals no doctor would work for them because of the blood issue. JWs talk care , but provide very little even to its own members , it just encourages the R&F to look after each other. Then when it gives the impression of care it's really just making sure no one is out of line ( liaison visits when your on your last legs and I could guarantee that if you were single and had money there would be a procedure to secure big TonyMorris his slush fund.

  • smiddy


    Its true the organization itself doesnt have nursing homes for the aged and infirm , however some enterprising brothers have seen a way to cash in on this shortfall ,by providing such services at a cost of course .

    Jah- Jireh , I think they are called , nursing homes operating in some countries exclusively for aged JW`s in good standing ,where they provide meetings and opportunities to do FS depending on your capabilities.

    And as I said at a cost.

    This provision operates solely outside of the WTB&TS ,with no monetary input from the said organization , it is purely a commercial venture operated by a number of brothers., to my knowledge.

  • TheOldHippie

    For example Bethel Germany (=Central Europe it is called now) has a nursing home or department for the aged and infirm.

  • sir82

    For example Bethel Germany (=Central Europe it is called now) has a nursing home or department for the aged and infirm.

    That is true.

    And that is exactly, precisely, 100% the reason why the Bethels worldwide are dumping Bethelites in their 40's & 50's. By the thousands.

    Bethelites who are younger "still have a few good years left in them".

    If you dump someone in their 60's or 70's, it appears cruel - there isn't enough time for them to get established with a job, and they will have little if any Social Security old-age pension from the government.

    40's & 50's is the "sweet spot" for booting out Bethelites - Bethel has used up their "youthful energy", got 20 or 30 years of service out of them, and they can be replaced by younger models. Someone who is in their 40's or 50's can still, at least on paper, find a job & support themselves.

    The old business model for Bethel was "make it your lifelong career".

    The new reality is "plan to stay at Bethel until you are 50 or so, then expect to get kicked out".

    Something for the handful of JW kids who have "Bethel aspirations" to keep in mind - sure, they're happy to take you in at age 20....but what are you going to do in 25-30 years when you are turned out the door, with no real useful experience, no education, no money, no nothing, and told "keep warm and well fed brother"?

  • Lostandfound

    With massive decrease in printing and its distribution what do the still quite high numbers of bethelites do?

    And further, has anyone heard of or seen any Bethel letters to Congs asking them to assist reassigned bethelites? Or is it out of the door, trust in the Lord.

    Further very little appearing about influence/attitude of reassigned ones, any news on positive or negative attitude from them?

  • heathen

    I've seen some on this site claim they actually had jobs they went to while in Brooklyn and supposedly they are learning skills while there ... I don't think anyone should volunteer their entire life to being there

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It would seem they are exporting a considerable percentage of disillusioned, disgruntled 40/50-somethings into the local congregations; it's gonna hard be for at least some of them not to vent their gripes to the locals.

  • undercover
    JWs are one of the only church's that don't have nursing homes ( old people's full time care facilities) ... Some of other church's even have hospital

    Why would they? Their entire message is one of impending destruction upon all of mankind, and their institutions. Even though the message is now over a hundred years old, they still cling to the idea that it's just around the corner. To set up nursing homes, and care for octogenarian JWs would only create questions.... 'hey, look at these old people who thought the end was coming in the 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s'

    (Never mind all the construction on world headquarters and real estate investments. Stay Toto stay. )

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