Death toll

by Nikki 12 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • Flg8ter

    I personally know 3. 2 were teenagers and one was a DF'd ex-elder that applied for reinstatement and got denied......

  • Chook

    It should be known as the suicide cult.

  • Simon

    The problem is with things like this (and medical cases) is being able to absolutely blame one thing for a death.

    If someone commits suicide, it may have several factors behind it. Just because they were a JW doesn't mean it was the sole cause or even a contributing factor - it could just as well be argued that they would have killed themselves sooner if they weren't.

    Same with blood transfusion - there are some clear cut cases but the medical establishments can't always say for certain whether someone will live or die in any situation and their own actions could be the cause of deaths.

    The bottom line is this: looking to come up with a headline death count is misguided because it will be impossible to do and impossible to defend. So it becomes an attack on the WTS that only convinces those who are already convinced.

    I think there are better things to focus on - the unloving and cruel aspect of shunning for instance, and that it can drive some to suicide. A few real examples and life-stories are more powerful than a body count.

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