I`m on Windows 10 and my mouse keeps dying , any suggestions ? what to do ?

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  • talesin

    Smiddy, I found the solution on a Windows forum. Here it is:

    I'll bold the steps, it's very simple ... Click on your start Icon at the bottom left-hand of your screen, and choose "Control Panel" to begin... then follow the bolded instructions below. It should work. When you are finished, restart. Send me a PM if it doesn't and I'll see what I can do. . xx tal

    I had the same problem with an ASUS P7H55-M.

    No mouse/keyboard after shutdown and restart.

    Apparantly this is an issue with the hybrid shutdown option in Windows 10.

    The following workaround worked for me:

    You can disable Hybrid shutdown (or "fast startup", as it is called in Win 10) via Control Panel:

    - open "Power Options"
    - open "Choose what the power buttons do"
    - click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable"
    - uncheck "Turn on fast startup"

    From now on Win 10 will initialize all driver on startup. This will take longer but it works.

  • talesin

    Oh, shoot, you have WIN 10, so no Start button/icon.

    If you don't know how to get to the Control Panel, just do a search from the desktop menu and you should find it that way. I forgot for a moment, that W8 and W10 have the 'new' sucky desktop designed for touch.

    OOPS! xx

    I'm 14 hours behind, and it's late.. well early morning.  I'll check in tomorrow - hope this works for you!  It's not always cut and dried, but usually these small, yet irritating, bugs can get worked out.

  • talesin
    Any luck with that Smiddy?
  • Incognito
    Windows 8.0, 8.1 didn't have a Start button. The Start button was 'reinstated' in Win 10.
  • talesin
    Oh, thanks, incognito! I have had the misfortune of using W8, but not W10. That's good to know! Now I understand why so many folks with W8 took that offer for the *free* buggy upgrade.
  • sowhatnow

    has it died more than nine times?


    oh dear god, get the poor man a macbook

  • talesin

    Amen! Get me one too, please. : P

  • smiddy

    sowhatnow , it is a mouse that keeps dying not a cat ,duh!.!.....LOL

    Thanks talesin for your suggestions however maybe my pc is as old as me , or as senile as me , I`m not sure which , however it seems to be behaving itself lately , touch wood and cross my fingers and hope the Borg dies.

    The next time my son visits I will show him all your tips , he is the one who set up my pc for us.

    Thanks again everyone


  • sowhatnow

    lol, I know, um it was sort of a joke. cats have 9 lives, computer mice that die multiple times might, cats mice .... haha.

    well, like i said, sometimes people don't get me. I live on the 'far side' of humor I guess....

  • Pistoff

    Are you running Wizmouse? That program is not compatible with Windows 10.

    Also, is it bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is terrible for mouse/keyboard, buggy.

    Better a dedicated wireless dongle.

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