Let's compare the sayings of Jesus and the modern day Governing Body

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  • punkofnice

    TOMO is a drunken, paedophile loving mental case. He needs to be put in a straight jacket and thrown (woughly), into a padded cell.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    The Governing Body is a group of men who I suspect fancy themselves as modern apostles. I also suspect that if two or more of them announced that the Second Coming was going to happen on April 1 of this year you'd have a bed-wetting epidemic unheard of since...well, 1978. Great for the mattress makers.

    The religion has progressively centered on them as the faithful and discreet slave of Matthew 24, though I don't know why they would want to funnel the authority to themselves. Their jobs are safe, and were safe as far as they were concerned--so why would they want the extra authority that they once shared with the so-called anointed, or heavenly, class?

    As their relevance waned, perhaps they realized they couldn't take the word of those of the John-class (after all, anyone can partake of the emblems). On the other hand, power is power. David Pack, of the Restored Church of God, has consolidated it in his movement and he speaks, writes articles and views himself as an end-times apostle. The GB, on the other hand, takes a bit of a softer approach. The GB members bask in the light of authority but as far as I can tell they're not at each others' throats competing with each other for authority. They seem to be happy pulling down recognition and whatever they can get at HQ.

    I'd love to talk to one of them, just to see what make 'em tick. They want to be anointed leaders, but I think some of them just lack the education and the conviction.

  • Gorbatchov

    Give him a Europe visit and let's hear what his opinion is about Dutch jw youth in tight clothes. Leather; jeans etcetera,

    High skirts you see it all here.

    It could be hos last visit due to medical reasons.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Yes, in France they dispense with the hotel room and go at it on public benches, in movie theaters, World War II monuments -- anywhere. If hotel staff don't see the DO NOT DISTURB tab and happen on a couple going at it in a room, they say, "Oh, c'mon, find a park!" The whole country needs dedicated men and women willing to walk up couples, hand them a WATCHTOWER and say, "Would you like to read about Jehovah's coming kingdom and the end of this wicked, horrible system of things?" (It's right around the corner!)

  • sir82

    You can practically hear the lustful drool splatter on the podium when TM starts talking about tight pants...

  • EverApostate

    Yes, the GB goes beyond what is written and even then I don’t have any respect for the supposed Jesus for the Following reasons.

    He advised his followers to love him more than they love their family and come after him. What else more for a Cult leader ?

    He never condemned slavery and even told a parable on the beating of slaves

  • Chook

    Don’t compare the sayings compare the lifestyle . One is homeless one lives in 5star accommodation. One gets fed by strangers the other has meals delivered. One walked dusty roads the other shows pictures of dusty roads in Africa. One cried at the compassion for his neighbors the other printed a pamphlet showing his neighbors getting slaughtered by celestial powers . One fed multitudes without thought of conversion the other would certainly not share his meal with a homeless man.

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