JW.org Focus on the Past - Have Always Wondered?

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  • WingCommander


    Wow!!!! Thanks for that video link, I don't think I've seen that for 30 years!! I'm not even 10 mins in, and I've picked out some creepy-ass shit!!!

    1. Fred Franz!!! The "Oracle" himself, blurting out some fine BS!!

    2. @5:15, they are reviewing magazine covers, and there are children are on the them, and it's asked which one they like best or something. An old, wide-eyed, absolutely creepy pedo-looking dude responds, "Why, that one with the young boy holding the absolutely DELICIOUS red apple is the most appealing to me!" HOLY SHIT!!!! I almost fell off my chair!!!! Their rampant pedophilia (right in the Writing Committee!) couldn't be more "in your face" if they tried!! Who the hell edited this thing?? NAMBLA?


  • JoenB75

    Hehe I remember that image of the kid and just picked up the unnatural settings. Kids naturally do not try to sell you an apple. Something was wrong with his gesture

  • nowwhat?

    The problem with them reliving the past is that it's whitewashed revisionist history that can easily be fact checked

  • BluesBrother

    I got about halfway through it. It was o k , I remember it being used to show “bible studies” that were not just some local group. 30 years ago l thought it was good , now it just shows me that they are what they are called, a publishing house

  • Overrated

    WT likes their hay days, growth and money coming in with fresh (victims) people to use. Now this seems on a decline. It will never be what it was people know because of the internet.

  • newleaver1

    I remember the 2014 convention when there released the kingdom rules book which was a big purple book. It was like a massive love in about how much had been done. There seemed a lot of self praise and patting themselves on their back.

    They cricticise the scribes and pharisees but isnt that what there are doing. Want to be seen as the good ones to get praise etc. Surely it would be better to get praise from others without drawing attention to yourself.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    When I was growing up ('70's) there was almost an intentional ignoring of much of the past, they certainly didn't glorify it like they do now. Russell, for instance, was virtually never mentioned in the literature. Names of most of the leaders, whether Governing Body members, or previous Board of Directors, were not known by many. At that time there were still quite a number of former Bible Students around, they would picket assemblies etc (the original 'evil slave' class), and I think there was a feeling at the top that they wanted to distance themselves from the previous Bible Student movements. The big green history book was a bit of a shock to many, who had never heard of a lot of things in it. I think that book was prepared in direct response to Franz's book 'In Search of Christian Freedom'.

    Nowadays it is very different. They are riffing off the doctored history they have created. They even have museums at the various bethel sites for people to go and goo goo over the WT glorified history.

  • JWTom

    Great comments all. Thanks for posting the video Slim, we watched that one several times on VHS prior to being accepted to Bethel back in the early 90s.

    My original thought was that many even "marginally" successful large organizations very specifically have a focus on the present and future so that they can engage with people that are within the 15-55 age groups. It is part of their plan/strategy to grow and preserve the organization long-term. What surprises me is that no one at Bethel is steering the content and direction towards appealing to a younger demographic to try to stabilize the downward trends.

  • Vidiot

    IMO, the constant planning blunders the Org makes are specifically because the leadership are True Believers...

    ...they’re incapable of fully planning long-term because the Org’s core ideology simply doesn’t enable them to think that way.

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