is wt just like any other cargo cult ?

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  • prologos

    with different fake effigies?

    cargo cults build fake runways, rail lines, effigies of airplanes, to attract the return of the bounty they saw arriving from heaven, seemingly miraculously in earlier, war years. Wt and similar doomsday religions are not different.

    Looking back in time, you see these dates, false promises of abundance in paradise, dotted along their past path, like the abandoned landingstrips in the South Pacific. If the leaders were were primitive and sincere, they believed a winged angel, like invisible gods would pick , or have already targeted the nest they had decorated.( it happened before right? ) If calculating, they would enslave their followers, that they had attracted by the promises that they knew would never materialize.

    Now they are making it easier for god, for delivery is expected, and accepted any time or place for another century, on overlapping runways, a runaway time disaster for the followers contributing.

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