How much have things changed?

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  • dogisgod

    M'y mother indoctrinated me from birth. 1951. From that time to the 90s things preceeded fairly repetitively. 5 meetings/week, personal study, door-to-door, participate in nothing else outside of the society, no dating. You would build your own presentations door to door or for the school. Now I hear they have I-pads door to door, in the meetings, The headquarters are sold to Trumpos son in law (of all things), the long time and undereducated Bethelites are being layed off and turned out, and the Gov Body have luxurious new quarters on a lake that they can manually control the depth of. For some reason they all seem to wear Rolex watches. Last year they left an invite to the memorial that quoted "Truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise" no commas. What scriptures did they change in their new bible? Seems like it is very different than when I grew up. They seem to have their own trinity now, the gov body, Jesus and Jehovah. Any thoughts?

  • Phoebe

    I was born in 1953 and was the same as you. Three scripture sermons on the doors, three meetings a week, no contact with the outside world except for a part time job to support my 100 hour a month pioneering. Conventions went on forever and Bro Knorr was in charge, but at least he seemed humble as he once queued for his convention meal right behind me. I can't imagine the current Gov Bod queuing with the R&F for anything! Now you walk into a Kingdom Hall and even the elderly have tablets, the kids are reading the WT off their phones, video showings are counted on the report form, half the mid week meeting is video shown on a large screen that comes down from the ceiling and we sing the songs karaoke style from the screen, too. My parents would not recognise the 'truth' today. So much has changed.

  • Phizzy

    Hi Dog ! I remember you from when I first joined, but I can't remember your story, perhaps fill us in ?

    Yup, things have changed, even if you only left 4 or 5 years ago !

    It works to my advantage, being simply an "Inactive", and "non-attending" of course,I have said to Elders who call that theirs is now a new religion, and they must convince me they are now preaching the truth, none have attempted to do so !

    They have done a Re-Branding job in recent years, JW TV, JW Org on all buildings and anywhere else they can put it, "witnessing" Carts etc etc, don't seem to be working too good !

  • Awakenednow


    yup it's totally different and kinda creepy how opposite it used to be.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Of course it's changed. It's a sign of Jehovah's Chariot on the move!

    Don't ya know that you better keep up with it. JWs have always been on the leading edge of technology since introducing the Photo Drama. Then it was the phonograph. Now it's the internet and JW-TV. Yep, they are on the leading edge of technology, just like they are with MEPS translation (which is almost as good as a Universal Translator). JWs are so far advanced that it couldn't be done without Jah's Holy Spirit directing them!

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  • Vidiot


    A poor man's lightsaber replica.

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