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  • pistolpete

    Yesterday or a few days ago a site started specifically for Gen X -Exjws. It caters to those born in the 60s to around 70S and some 80s Yesterday it had 2 members, today it has 102 members. Keep in mind that for most of these Gen X, there was no internet, no mobile phone, heck, I don't think there was even cable TV

    The exjw reddit is mostly for young kids exiting the WT so this site is for the pre-internet days when no one knew who the Governing Body was.

    If you were born into the WT cult, chances are you would be stuck there for the next 30 -40 years because there was very little information about the Religion and the Bible.

    What I find interesting is the JW stuff that nobody talks about today like;

    • in the last days the world will get so bad they will be “Streaming to the mountain of Jehovah looking for the good news” - Rather than streaming out as they are now

    • If we have to start asking for donations we have lost Jehovah’s spirit

    • The end will definitely be here before the end of the century, the 1914 Gen will be almost gone by then.


      Remember going to a different assembly because you liked that girl or guy. Then all going out together?

      I got my license at 16, could drive fully by myself. No cell phones back then, mom and dad had no idea exactly where I was and couldn't call me. It was so embarrassing calling that girl or guy as we only had one phone in the house, in the most common area in the house too.

      Haha,well I gotta say I was super awkward, but it was still fun. Meeting up with my girlfriends from different halls, all of us chitchatting about our crushes, stalking our crushes, ...the young JWs don't have that these days. Those silly all-video conventions are absolutely nothing compared to the old school conventions, with the danishes and Shasta pop and live dramas and circular shaped convention halls to troll in. They were actually fun. So culty, but so anticipated, every year.

      Ha. That’s the best reason to be a attendant, to find all the chicks……and to not sit down and listen to all the BS !

      Conventions were always at least 4 days long and the only thing I looked forward to about them were the apple danishes for breakfast and hoagie sandwiches for lunch that we would pay for with our strip of blue coupons.

      Life in the 80s as a witness was torture because of the beatings for bad behavior that were the norm amongst witness kids and because every second of every day was a reminder about Armageddon which resulted in vivid nightmares of Satan falling to earth (as depicted in the live forever book) to kill me.

      Yet I miss that more simple time before all the technology chaos. Sitcoms were actually good to watch, the music was great, neon was everywhere and the bangs were always teased high!

  • truth_b_known

    District Convention are one of the few decent memories I have of growing up in the 80s and 90s as a born-in JW.

    I remember my dad conning my siblings and I out of a McDonald's dinner by saying the "Muffin-Egg" breakfast sandwich at the Convention was a McDonald's Egg McMuffin. So technically we ate McDonald's that day. I didn't care. It was good! As was eating as many Ham and Cheese sandwiches or Hoagies I could get.

    I remember my aunts and uncles giving my meal tickets to buy sodas and chocolate puddings as a treat.

    I remember the only other kid in my school who was a JW being another congregation. We got to hang out at conventions and goof off.

    I remember the dramas. I remember being bummed out when they stopped turning off the lights in the arena for prop changes.

    My father was an elder and worked in different Convention departments. I used to go hang out with him. I remember one convention the baptism pool was off site. I got to go with him to film the baptism and interview people.

    Then the GB took it all away. Then the Conventions became a chore. Then we started having to travel and shell out money to stay in hotels on the approved list or have to commute.

    All the joy was sucked away.

  • Biahi

    All I remember was being bored at conventions, till I got old enough to meet guys.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I guess I cannot join. I was born in late 1964 and this group is for those born between 1965 and 1980.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was a pioneer in 65.

    I looked forward to assemblies..a chance to meet new girls i hadnt met before. Usually a party somewhere afterwards.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    a chance to meet new girls i hadnt met before

    Didn't you find them a bit boring Stan? What with JW girls being all so pure and innocent?..!!!!!!!!!


  • pistolpete

    to meet new girls i hadnt met before. Usually a party somewhere afterwards.

    Your my kind of Guy Stan💃

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i remember meeting one young lady at a circuit assembly--we went for a nice quiet walk well away from prying eyes--she grabbed me and ate my face. It was true love !

    Next weekend it was the neighbouring circuits assembly--so several of us likely lads went to that one too. She was there as well!--But with another guy !

    We often bumped into each other at the many jw teenagers parties that were all the thing in the UK in the late 60's..she was always good for a grope.

  • Biahi

    I got my first (real) kiss at a district assembly. I was 14. Lol

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