Brooklyn Brothers Signworks... WUT?

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  • tepidpoultry

    Does anybody have an idea who pays for these carts?

    Is it the congregations and are they invoiced?



  • Londo111

    A JW, who I didn't know, who is running one of these businesses accidentally emailed me. I basically cited the scripture about Jesus throwing about the moneychangers.

  • OrphanCrow
    tepidpoultry: Does anybody have an idea who pays for these carts?
    Is it the congregations and are they invoiced?

    From a reddit post:

    May 1 2014 letter to BOE:
    Requesting public witnessing equipment: The Congregation Service Committee will determine the equipment to be requested and where it will be stored. Public witnessing equipment can be requested in the same way publications are requested. We are pleased to pro- vide a document entitled Public Witnessing Supplies (S-80) that contains sample pictures and descriptions of standard carts, stands, tables, and kiosks. The equipment will remain the property of the congregation. Care should be taken to request only equipment that will be put to good use by publishers who have been trained in its use. The congregation may be informed that the cost of these carts will be covered by their contributions to the worldwide work.

    More about carts here:

  • stuckinarut2

    So we were told locally that ONLY approved witnesses could do the cart-work.

    Also, they MUST use the OFFICIAL carts the Kingdom hall owns.

    So, if anyone else was to obtain their own cart and go out, I could guarantee they would be in serious trouble...(locally at least that's how it is)

  • tepidpoultry

    Centralized Trolley purchases are not really a bad idea,

    Other big franchises such as McDonald's have been engaged in mass

    scale bulk buying for decades,

    And this group, regardless of the sincerity here, is a religious franchise,

    A lot of companies out there are vieing for the big bucks, it'a baby


    So, (tongue in cheek) why not make major bulk purchases of iPads and

    iPhones (made in China) and give all but especially poor brothers a price


    Then force brothers to buy theirs from them as they do (by intimidation)

    with Hotels and NOT Subway sandwiches at Conventions TM

    Just sayin,

    This is a mighty captive buying audience,

    Don't you think that they should at least be getting a price break,

    Especially in Africa where folks don't even have clean water,


  • schnell

    UPDATE! Looks like they took that page down. What gives? Did they realize how awful it was or did they just move things around somewhere else?

  • stillin

    I wonder if this company will customize their carts to accommodate Mormon literature?

  • LostGeneration

    A few years ago I kicked around the idea of creating an ecommerce site that sells JW shit, trinkets, pins, all that garbage we see posted on social media. Imagine, JWs funding my heathen apostate lifestyle.

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