accosted to day down the high steet

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  • jookbeard

    was merrily walking down my local high street this morning when a lady approached me and than told me not to worry I'm not a jw, I said dont worry I used to be one and she was astounded and we went into a full blown doctrinal biblical discussion , she was representing her local baptist church, I really shot her away with my knowledge and she agreed she's never met someone like me before , she said that I would still need to repent and and accept JC as my personal saviour etc blah blah and that the devil was pleased that I'd accepted a path of atheism , I said you think the devil is directing people to atheism, I said you dont think the devil would be wanting people to be joining devil worshipping groups, occult groups, wiccan/pagan and witch covern groups? I asked her to direct me to see a physical image of the devil and demons and to direct to to where they reside etc, I asked don't you think demons can manifest themselves in the form of humans? she agreed, I then said where are they? where is the devil ? it was the usual stock radicalised answers that they blurt out but in reality the answers are truly pathetic, I told her she should wake up rather than me having to repent etc, I'm very happy where my path has taken me thank you,she cut short the conversation and wished me a good day ( I had only just got started!)

  • snowbird


    You were on a roll, hey Jookie.

    That's what I'm talkin' about.

    Make people think and question.

  • Phizzy

    I attended a Baptist church locally a few years back, just the once to keep some friends company, I was amazed that their bullshit was so very similar to the JW crap I had so recently left at the time.

    As you say Jookie, they seem to have stock answers and phrases, and to be just as blinded as JW's etc.

    Well done Mate, she may well have been made to think despite appearances.

  • snowbird

    Laughing heartily at Phizzy's account.

    You are a mess!

  • ToesUp

    Tell any church goer to stop giving financial support...see how long it takes before they are approached as to why they stopped giving. Follow the money!

  • baker

    One main difference between JWS and Baptist is that Baptist want your money and JWS want your time and your Money.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Repent and accept JC is standard stuff. At least she didn't ask you to join an organization.

  • millie210

    Pretty funny that she used "I am not a JW" as her disclaimer!

  • WingCommander

    As I recall, the demons were forbidden from materializing after The Great Flood. They could no longer take "human form", as they had come down and bred with women that started the Nephilim.

  • redvip2000

    just yesterday i was thinking about the fact that most Atheists also don't believe in irrational things, like horoscope, and palm readings. It really is refreshing to develop a rational world views, towards everything around us.

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