If you are still in the organization, do you enjoy the meetings ?

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  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    At this point, everything about the meetings are bad. The talks are not interesting. The brothers and sisters even less so. When I was growing up, I would hear a "good talk" on an occasional Sunday; I haven't heard a good talk in at least a decade. Of course some of that can be attributed to learning TTATT!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I don't think a score mark really works. There are some speakers that are better than others but the content rates from deeply lawed to intolerable.

    The only reason for attendance has to do with the potential family split that would result by fracturing ties with the cong. This family division is hotly denied but we all know it is absolutely true.

    I couldn't give any of it any thing other than minus score.

  • JW_Rogue

    The new CLAM meeting is so boring! Everything is scripted. One thing I don't understand is that the way it is setup now there really are no opportunities for young brothers to develop their own talks. Then you have these videos that they keep showing for teenagers and kids but the rest of the hall is sitting there like "When is this over."

  • Lieu

    People are tired at those meetings and not really paying attention ... that's why everyone isn't supposed to be a speaker / teacher because they aren't any good at it, no matter how hard they may work at it. They're like bad story tellers that even small children would get disgusted with. Horrific, l deem them the daydream encouragers.

    I've only heard maybe 5 speakers in 30 yrs who had the "gift of gab" so to speak. The rare quality in a JW to be able to talk to you (not at you) and make the subject matter interesting. I deem them, the conversationalists.

    There's no Bible discussion at any meeting, simply prepared lectures. BORING!

    Rating: 2

  • Chook

    The only question to ask is if the society gave instructions that meeting were optional what would be attendance numbers

  • Fisherman

    Trust the wt has a good reasons for changing everything but it is hard to get used to and the meeting is longer, I like the old way better. But who am I to complain. WT knows the reasons.

  • Sliced

    I was seriously at ZERO for a long while. When I heard of the new changes to the meetings- I must admit, I was so excited! I was thinking- YAHOOOOO changes are being made for the better. Well... after a few weeks of the new meeting... urghhhhhh I felt worse than before. ZERO ZERO ZERO

  • wannaexit

    Trust the wt has a good reasons for changing everything

    And what would those reasons be Fisherman?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm proudly disfellowshipped so not in at the moment, but before I go to a meeting I rather stab myself in the eye balls 100X before going to one.

  • Chook

    I honestly think all religions have the common problem of delusional men speaking grandiose things , to which these men think not only are they prophets but God actually has their back. There egos are stroked like a girl on first date, the crime lies in the pulpit.

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