Key to some universal truths—Queen Jezebel has it!

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    You could write the WT article. You are that good.

  • venus


    You wrote: "By your own reasoning, the Bible was not required in the first place either. No communication by scripture or any other means was necessary, using your own argument. You've sawn off the branch you were sitting on."

    This is what I was trying to convey through the op--no scripture belongs to God. I took Jezebel as a symbol of all people who do know what is right and wrong and still do wrong.

    You can even try people from real lives. People enjoy gossip, yet when they become the recipient of gossip, they become angry and resist with all their might which shows everyone knows what is right and wrong.

    Hence God will not communicate with humans nor will come as distributor of His resources. Certain parts of earth is already paradise which means if humans want, they can make the whole earth paradise again.

    His non-intervention nor His non-communication does not prove He doesn't exist any more than non-intervention and non-communication from our physical grand father doesn't prove we do not have physical grand father.

  • venus

    I wrote no scripture belongs to God whereas WT says all scriptures belong to God.

  • Caedes

    There have always been atheists, they are not the invention of religion and the church.

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