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    Well, that's enough internet for me.
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    ...someone has a lot of time on their hands lol.
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    That was fun....good job!
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    How about this:
    A Branch Office for Madagascar
    When the preaching of the good news in Madagascar got under way on a regular basis in 1955, the work was supervised by the Mauritius branch. From 1959 through 1962, supervision came from the France branch. But starting in 1963, Madagascar had its own branch office. Raimo Kuokkanen was appointed to be the branch servant. Initially, he was able to care for most of the routine work himself.
    At first the office was simply a rented house that also served as a missionary home. That house was not ideal, however. After the missionaries moved in, some local people asked if they were not afraid to live in a house that was haunted. Sure enough, strange things did take place in that house. As an example, when a missionary couple saw the handle of their door turning, they opened the door to see who was there, but apparently, there was no one in the hallway. The missionaries learned that a spirit medium had lived in that room. They made a careful search to see if anything had been left behind that the spirits were using as a contact. Firmly nailed to the threshold of their room was a coin. With considerable effort the brother removed it. Then the strange occurrences stopped.
    When questioned about the situation, the owner of the house acknowledged: “Yes, it is a haunted house, but I thought because you are missionaries and God’s people, you would have nothing to fear.”
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    Funny and well done. I give you a 9.5.

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