Paris as an opportunity to frame religious extremism

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  • NeverKnew

    In a conversation, my JW listener posed the sadness and the unnecessary loss of life of the bombings. Also, something was said about a belief on the extremist's part that their actions would or could bring Armageddon to Earth (I wasn't clear as to where this came from). I recognized the connection that I believed was being drawn and that's when I went off.

    The gist of my response:

    "OH! GREAT! So these religious extremists hold to a belief that somehow their actions will OBLIGATE the Almighty to adjust His timetable? Now THAT'S arrogance!

    Did you hear Obama's response?... He basically said that these actions are in violation to the HUMAN race... He didn't say it was a violation to Christians, a violation to Americans or a violation to a specific group of people... the whole human race.

    (I'm in a mild tizzy at this point. Maybe because of the inference?)

    What's incredible is that these people seriously believe that their actions are sanctioned by GOD HIMSELF and that God ONLY approves of THEM and that EVERYONE should convert to THEIR way of thinking! They criticize ALL who fail to adopt their thinking and covert or subscribe to their notion of righteousness!

    "These people don't wear the right clothes - especially the woman! OHHHH What an insult to ALLAH!"

    "How do THOSE people think God could possible approve of THEM? Look at their behaviors that are outside of the scriptures! We're doing it right! You steal? You lose a hand... You covet?... you lose an eyeball!"

    "WE'RE the only ones who meet for prayer the RIGHT way and the RIGHT number of times! They don't know HIS word like WE do!" Ask them a question about the Scriptures and they know nothing."

    Us vs. them us vs. them... that's all everyone hears.

    OH, and don't insult them OH NOOOO that's just a VALIDATION of their cause - remember that comic book fiasco?? Yeah... They have convinced themselves that they are in the only religion that is approved by God - "Look at the PERSECUTION we're getting! We are fighting SATAN himself! VENGEANCE will be OURS for we're doing it for God! They'll REALLY see who was right in the afterlife!" Aw c'mon....

    These religious extremists don't speak for humankind. They only speak for their own paradigm and that's why they will eventually get crushed... they'll cry about it being Satan and use the casualties to get people to join their cause, but the people who've been hurt won't subscribe to that crap."

    I may have said things differently but into the rant, I realized I wasn't getting any verbal affirmations and looked to see my loved one staring off into the corner of the room so I stopped talking and had to mentally review my words.

    I think I hit a nerve.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    These Paris terrorist attacks will once again whoop up the JW's mindset that the big 'A' is on the doorstep. Delusional.
  • Starlafox
    This is what really annoys me about this religion. This Paris problem will just be another way for them to try to convert people into their religion and claim that the end is closer then ever.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The JW's jus get more and more delusional with every passing event. Over and over again, and everyone gets more and more tired.
  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    The dubs will decry the horrible events of that day, but they simultaneously look forward to the day when all non-believers will be slaughtered by angelic hosts in an event that would make Paris look like a day at Euro-Disney.

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