Silentlambs Anniversary and Future Projects

by blondie 16 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Pistoff

    Welcome Decki; it is great here.

    I hope you can share your problems with the folks at Silentlambs; more voices speaking out will help prevent future abuse in the congregation.

    Glad to have you here.

    Thanks for the post, blondie!

  • yesidid


    You are posting for Bill Bowen and that is his story. Right?

  • sf

    Yes, yes, it is authored by Mr. Bowen.

    Perhaps an edit is in order to state this clearly; both title of thread and in first post.



  • AnnOMaly
    Since when is the "truth" a precipitator for taking a person's salvation?

    Who says your salvation has been taken? MEN! How dare they!

    "...for with what judgment [they] are judging, [they] will be judged" - Matt. 7:2

    Happy Anniversary, Blondie.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Blondie,

    Although it'd be wrong for us to say "We know how you feel", Mrs Ozzie and I can understand what you are saying. It certainly is an "eye-opener", isn't it?


    Happy "re-birthday" to you,

    dear Blondie,

    From Ozzie and Mrs Ozzie

  • blondie

    Thanks, everyone, but let me pass on the thanks to Bill Bowen, Silentlambs, who wrote the above. I thought it was clear and I tried to clarify it on a later post.

    Bill Bowen has gone through a difficult but rewarding year since he was DF'd just a year ago on 8-15-02. He and those supporting him have accomplished much in publicizing the problem of unreported and untreated child abuse in the WTS organization.

    Bill Bowen's quest brought me to JWD and gave me the courage to finally post. The above was his newsletter on 8-15-03 and the goals for Silentlambs in the future.

    Blondie (just a humble supporter)

  • mizpah

    I think all of us a very grateful for the principled men that have left the organization and told their stories to expose the abuse and errors of the Watchtower Society. Bill Bowen is certainly one of these men. His revelation has uncovered one of the worst abuses in the history of the Society. The Society is now forced to face these problems and to answer for these abuses in the courts.

    Men like Ray Franz and James Penton have also played an important role in exposing the double standards and the false histories that the Watchtower has tried to foist upon the ignorant. As a result of their efforts, they have been denounced and pilloried among their former "brothers." But their books have become essential reading for all who leave the organization.

    I'll add my eternal gratitude to men like these.

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