coughs colds and respitory ills

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  • zeb

    Do stil in jw attend the kh when they have the above?

    some years ago it was the norm-meetings are sooooo important. whats the position these days? Just wondering.

  • stillin

    The most faithful ones will "make it" to the meetings unless they're just dreadfully ill. Share the love. If people can wade through waist deep, crocodile-infested waters to get to the meetings, well, I can get there with the sniffles. It's a command from God. How can one encourage and be encouraged if one is not there?

  • Phoebe

    I was once told even if you have to crawl, you must go. It's a command. I remember missing a few meetings when one of my children was born and a sister in my congregation had a child just after me and she was at the meeting within hours of giving birth! I remember feeling a total failure because I'd missed a week of meetings.

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    There was a BOE letter 2009-10-03 on dealing with infectious diseases which basically allowed anyone who is infectious to keep away from meetings. It has never been mentioned since as far as I know. It should be available form Atlantis!


  • tiki

    I still remember the little girl with the scariest sounding deep bone rattling cough....sitting behind me...pallid...obviously fevering.....thinking what a moron the mom was bringing that poor sick kid out in public....

    It always annoyed me too how quick they were to bring their newborns to meetings to show them off...and pass them all around. Then when a reasonable new mom wouldn't bring the baby till it was 4 weeks old and/or wouldn't let everyone hold the baby they were snootily dismissed like they were just the worst.

    And how the respiratory infections spread through the ranks like lightning....

    And in the grand scheme of things what a waste. If you are sick go home and stay home until you are okay.

  • Londo111

    When I was a kid, I got sick. My parents said, "You'll be just as ill at home as at the meeting." So they dragged me to the meeting. They regretted doing so and decided never to do that again.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Yes, it was an issue many years ago and the GB put out the letter that Saltheart mentioned. Only those who weren't around are unaware of it. Uber elders probably dismiss it for the way the old guard felt. Many new elders probably don't even know of the letter. Morons. I always got sick after the Circuit Asses. I finally figured out it was the public drinking fountain. Stopped using them and wasn't sick right afterwards any longer.

  • FedUpJW

    I remember some dumb circuit oversneer haughtily saying from the platform, "Unless one has broken bones, or are dead there is NO REASON to miss a meeting!"

  • zeb

    WAEO. 'I always got sick after the Circuit Asses.'

    I had a burger at a conv and had the s**** for days after and, I recall an elder saying 'everyone gets sick after the conventions' and he said this with great mirth.

    I have mentioned this before but its my life observation that jw as a group are the unhealthiest of people.

    tiki. 'newborns to meetings'. This passing babies around happened far to much. I saw a little girl carrying some ones baby out side the hall and the meeting started so she ran and stumbled and caught her feet just in time as there was a large rock on the edge of the car park that would have 'received' the baby; crushed between it and her. Incidentally that girl was a chronic mouth breather and had a constant sniffle.

    shortly after this an announcement was made that babies are the province of the parents.

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