Last nights CLAM meeting

by dbq407 27 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • berrygerry
    It took the ruling King Jesus Christ 103 years to make that plain to the Governing body ?

    Off with his head. (By this, I mean Smiddy's head, for dissing the king.)

  • Fisherman

    Beginning of vid showed a drawing resembling the Kremlin. The vids -more than one- being shown over and over again are suggesting something about the great tribulation. But it seems they are actually for the Russian JW who are actually experiencing what is being the depicted on the vids with the troops.

  • zeb

    there is a regular flip flop on Jehovah's protection. Its on and then 'off' as some one or a group get killed or like the sister in Iceland who was stabbed by that nutter. The divine protection was definitely off that day. So why does the video end up in the air?

    If they have 'storm troopers' rush in and do horrible things to those in the cellar then they are saying Jehovah don't protect. If they have the storm troopers all drop down dead they are promising something they damn well know will not happen as it didn't happen in a score of situations and just perhaps they may face a massive law suit out of it and certainly the revealing of another false prediction.

  • tijkmo

    what's a 'clam' meeting

  • AverageJoe1
    tijkmo: what's a 'clam' meeting

    Cult Lessons for Anxious Minions

    Actually it's Christian Life And Ministry but I prefer my version!

  • Annon

    One of the many many things that puzzled me about the video is where are the older ones? None to be seen, and if God is looking after these older infirm Brothers and Sisters, who seem to have been left in their own homes, or in care homes, why are all these idiots hiding in a basement?

  • AverageJoe1
    Annon: where are the older ones?

    Do you mean those millions who would never die?! They were all round at Kevin's house having a party, patting themselves on the back that they'd managed to herd their troublesome JW neighbours into a local basement and convince them the Great Trib was upon them!

  • Vidiot
    stillin - "Why a bunker if the Most High God In All The Universe is protecting you?"

    Because deep down, they know that their odds with the bunker are better. :smirk:

  • Vidiot
    dbq407 - "The conductor called the police storming into the room "storm troopers" as did a few people who commented. I was a little confused by this also. Is that a common thing they are called in other halls? All i could think of was Star Wars."

    Everybody's seen Star Wars, and JWs think of themselves as opressed by the "Empire", so that's what they relate to.

    BTW, the term "stormtrooper" has actually been around since WW2.

  • dbq407

    Yes i felt bad for the children in the audience, being told that they basically have to be baptized to be able to be saved and also the bunker video must be scary for them to watch.

    Its hard for me not to laugh at the video because it is just so corny. Not sure why the gb feel its ok to scare people like that in made up situations.

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