It's Time to Stop Doing THAT!!!!!

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I stole this from a webpage and altered it to fit my thoughts.


    There's a point in your life when you need to stop something. You know, you stop crawling when it's time to walk. You stop driving when you become too old to do it safely, etc. etc. etc.

    I know many grew up JW and really most of this doesn't apply. Well: At the end, I want thoughts on religious/spiritual beliefs or any other things you feel strongly that there is an age to stop doing/believing something.

    It's Time to Stop Doing THAT-

    Age 3: Sucking your thumb

    Beyond this age it’s only acceptable if you notice melted chocolate or barbecue sauce or some other tasty foodstuff you don’t want to waste on said thumb.

    Age 5: Getting your butt wiped by others

    This is arguably the scariest part about being a parent. Sure, there’s a ton of pressure and responsibility, but none more daunting than having to clean their offspring’s tuchus. Do them a favor and learn to do it yourself as quickly as possible.

    Age 6: Sleeping in your parents’ bed

    You have your own bed. Use it. Nightmares and “can’t sleep” aren’t valid excuses to mess with your parents anymore. They have work in the morning and deserve a little bit of rest at night without their kid sprawled out between them.

    Age 7: Soiling your pants

    You should already be well-past potty trained, but even “accidents” should be a thing of the past at this point. You’re at the age where you can consciously control your bowel movements. It’s time to do so.

    Age 10: Believing In Santa Claus

    10 is pretty late, most of the other kids have long abandoned Santa.

    If you’re older than 10 and still believe in a magical fat man who delivers presents all across the world, then your gullibility as well as your home-security practices are seriously questionable. Why would they advertise Christmas presents on television if Santa is the one building them all in the North Pole? Huh kid?! Why do rich kids get better stuff from Santa than poor kids?

    Age 14: Trick-or-treating

    Obviously, everyone loves free candy. However, once you’ve reached the age where you can attend a party or some sort of social gathering on Halloween, it’s no longer acceptable to dress up and ring doorbells. It's kids' stuff.

    Age 18: Believing you’ll go pro in sports

    Those that make it in pro sports believe in themselves and have very little doubt that it will happen. So that's important. But making it means progress as you go along. If you can't get a scholarship for your skills, if no scout is interested, if you haven't a chance to get into the Olympics or some kind of world games, then:

    It’s time to face it: If you’re the same age as some of the guys/girls getting drafted, and your stock isn’t too hot, then it’s time to realize you aren’t going to make it.

    Age 20: Taping posters to your bedroom wall

    Now that you’re in your 20’s, it’s time to make the switch from posters to pictures. Keep hanging stuff wherever you live, but try and stick to portraits, framed pictures, or artwork. That Zac Efron poster can be removed now and stored safely somewhere private.

    Or framed, because you’re a grownup.

    Age 28: Texting/bugging your ex

    You’re almost 30 years old and he/she doesn’t need this. Grow up and leave your ex alone.

    If you really need to talk to someone, get on a dating app like the rest of us. Or if the confrontation is what you’re looking for, just go get in an argument in the comments section of a website.

    Age 29: Being the guy on the couch

    If you need to stay over at a friend’s place because you got overzealous at the bar or something, then that’s fine. However, if you’re planning on spending an extended period of time on a friend’s couch at the age of 29, then it’s time to seriously consider where you’re heading in life. Also, your friends will hate you. This is also a good (late) age to stop getting totally bombed everytime you go to parties, clubs, the local drinking establishment.

    Age 31: I wanted to say "Doing laundry at your parents’ house" but I will just go with

    "Dropping Laundry Off for Mom to do"

    Nobody likes doing laundry. That’s why one of the biggest perks to living at home was mom’s willingness to remove your stains. Well, guess what? You don’t live there anymore (I would hope), so it’s about time you learn to clean your own spaghetti splatters. If you visit Mom and do it yourself, go ahead and keep doing that. Heck, feel free to eat leftovers with Mom, but insist that you wash your own stuff.

    Age 35: Believing in “The One”

    If you haven’t found a life partner at this point, then the odds of him/her still being out there AND still being single is pretty slim. Either learn to lower your standards and settle, or start thinking of cat names. Unless you’re Trinity, in which case the fate of Zion depends on your belief in The One.

    Age 44: Worrying about being cool

    Unless you’re Robert Downey Jr, you aren’t going to be cool by the time you hit this age. You won’t understand current events, you won’t enjoy popular music, you’ll think modern entertainment is stupid, and you’ll struggle to comprehend model technology.

    Age 45: Listening to behavioral advice from wise guys on the internet Just sayin’…

    Be yourself and just think about acting your age, but if you really like who you are, keep believing in Santa, dropping off laundry at Mom's, looking for "The One."

    At what age should a born-in JW wake up? When should you do your own investigation of spiritual/supernatural beliefs?

  • cognac
    No idea. I'm still trying to get my kids out of my bed... 😡😡😡
  • Saintbertholdt

    Age 18: Believing you’ll go pro in sports...

    Look I still believe I'm going to win Wimbledon one day, its just a matter of my hip replacement remaining intact. So don't you go saying what I can and cannot do. I will never let it go.... NEVER!!!

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I started waking up when I was 6 or 7 having to go to meetings all the time, missing all the tv shows and extra curricular activities. Back in the 50's we had meetings Tuesday night book study, Friday night ministry school and service meeting, door to door Saturday and Sunday talk and watchtower.

    I was angry at my situation and God for putting me in that situation.

    I was looking for a loop hole.

    I found one big enough to drive a mac truck, camel, steam ship through

    January 1, 1976. I was 24.

    But it took me another 7 years to get the sleep out of my eyes and be completely awake to the bad situation that I found myself in.

    I have never been to a meeting since I was 31. 1983

    I have come to realize I am not or was not the sharpest tool in the shed or the quickest with reflexes.

    But I find myself thorough and detail oriented.

    In my defense of my time in the watchtower, It was not the information age. Information was hard to come by.

    If you went to the bookstore and most were small nothing like Barnes and Nobel's today, You would find maybe 2 four foot shelves on religion and bibles.

    My first book I encountered to bolster my confidence was "30 years a Watchtower Slave". by William Schnell.

    Then a book by Wayne Dyer, "Erroneous Zones" Not a religious book but a book that helped me to reprogram my stinking Watchtower thinking.

    I always loved reading and was suspicious how the JW's always ignored their older books.

    It was like they were embarrassed by them and hiding and apologizing for them.

    They were not proud of certain aspects of their history, Rutherford and Russell.

    And the Awake and Watchtower did not do a good job of footnoting and referencing their articles. If they even did so at all.

  • jhine

    So my Stewart Granger posters have to go ?


  • JRK

    The sooner one wakes up the better. Some never will. It is easier when you are younger to leave, and have less invested in their lies. For me it took until I was 45.


  • DesirousOfChange

    At what age should a born-in JW wake up?

    Hopefully before they've wasted the best years of their life in the Cult!!


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