Kingdom Ministry Detailed Service Reports vs Field Service Highlights.

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  • ToesUp

    Why did the Watchtower eliminate the Detailed Service Report (last report Dec. 2008) and replace it in Jan. 2009 with the Field Service Highlights? (Sorry about the formatting).

    *** km 12/08 p. 2 August Service Report *** (Source WT Library, Kingdom Ministry 2008 , 2009)

    August Service Report

    Av. Av. Av. Av.

    Number of: Hrs. Mags. R.V. Bi.St.

    United States

    Sp’l Pios. 453 103.3 57.3 40.2 4.4

    Pios. 109,692 55.2 29.0 17.1 2.0

    Aux.Pios. 35,059 49.1 30.0 11.4 1.1

    Pubs. 960,585 9.8 7.6 3.4 0.4

    TOTAL 1,105,789 Baptized: 4,278


    Pios. 70 34.9 21.6 11.6 1.6

    Aux.Pios. 2 51.5 20.0 17.5 3.0

    Pubs. 370 9.8 8.6 4.2 0.5

    TOTAL 442

    Turks & Caicos

    Sp’l Pios. 2 123.5 55.0 74.0 10.5

    Pios. 17 56.1 26.3 28.4 6.8

    Aux.Pios. 7 62.0 16.3 17.0 6.0

    Pubs. 169 13.8 8.4 4.8 1.1

    TOTAL 195

    We are pleased to report a new peak in the United States! The total of 1,105,789 publishers reporting is an increase of 21,784 over the previous peak of 1,084,005 set in August 2007.

    We are happy to report a new peak in the Turks and Caicos Islands! The total of 195 publishers reporting is an increase of 3 over the previous peak of 192 set in March 2008.

    Field Service Highlights first appeared in the Jan. 2009 KM replacing the Service Reports. No more detailed figures.


    *** km 1/09 p. 4 Field Service Highlights ***

    Field Service Highlights

    We are happy to report a new peak of 116,083 regular pioneers in the United States in September! This is an increase of 4,751 over the previous peak of 111,332 in December 2007.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Even WT knows you only quote the numbers if they support your position.

  • Londo111

    What do they do now they've replaced all that with the CLAM workbook?

  • jookbeard

    well spotted

  • sir82

    My best guess is that they were anticipating something that would cause a significant decline in numbers, and removing the detailed monthly report was a way to try to hide it.

    Whatever they feared evidently did not occur, but they've never gone back to adding the report back in.

  • steve2

    ToesUp, I know from my own experience that retaining format when presenting numbers can be a problem - the data looks very interesting. However, while I can work out some of the numbers, the consecutive numerals followed by periods are nigh impossible to decipher. Any guidance?

  • darkspilver

    steve2: Any guidance?

    always present numbers / tables as a graphic to retain formatting and legibility

    does this help?

  • ToesUp

    Thank you. Sorry...just trying to help. I would recommend going to the source that I provided just for this reason.

    WT Library. Kingdom Ministry Dec 2008 and Jan 2009.

    You will notice their formatting is not aligned. I do not have time to put in a chart. If you have the time, you would provide a great service to the forum.

    The top of the chart states: Av. Hrs. Av. Mags. Av R.v Av Bi. St. Hope this helps.

  • steve2

    Thanks Darkspilver. That looks highly readable.

    Unfortunately, when I make my own tables with the excel spreadsheet, all formatting is lost when I post the tables or graphs on this forum.

    Thanks too ToesUp.

  • darkspilver

    steve2: Unfortunately, when I make my own tables with the excel spreadsheet, all formatting is lost when I post the tables or graphs on this forum.

    you really need to convert it to a graphic and post that - not sure what you know or anything...

    I think the easiest way - if you have no graphics programmes, but are using a PC computer - is first make a free account:

    1: then set up the view of the excel sheet as you want it, on your computer screen

    2: take a 'screen-shot' by pressing the 'prt sc' button (print screen) - this saves the image to your copy/paste function

    3: Go to imgur - click on 'new image' - then paste doing a crtl-V

    4: In imgur you can do basic editing - just crop image to what you want - click save

    5: Either copy/paste edited image into your forum post, or

    6: in imgur, right click image with mouse and select 'view image' - then copy the url address - then in your forum post click on the 'image' button and copy the url of the image.

    I prefer to use the insert image button on the forum post - I think it works better in terms of uploading etc.

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