Impact of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on JW policies and procedures

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  • the girl next door
  • Giordano

    I find it ironic that the WTBT$ wants everyone to be marching in the same be obedient to the Society, study the same material world wide, believe the same things and then they screw around with something like child abuse and want to be informed first by the Elders so legal can see if they have to report the abuse in a particular State or Country.

    As far as changing their scriptural beliefs.......... the faster the better or in their own words "We are not allowed to stone sinner's any longer......"

    There's a bunch of stuff religions shouldn't be allowed to do any longer and the world is a better place for it.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I view the ARC as setting the stage as to where the real actions will take place, that is in the courtroom. Since 2004 I am the guy mentioned in the 2013 discource "Human Apostates" who has penetrated the church's 'wall of silence" that is enforced by the church policy of shunning, by writing letters to the households of church followers. The tactic plugged into the internal church 'grape vine' [due to local conditions surrounding several financial frauds which swindled the elderly church adhearants for over a 20 year period of time] I was very successful of injecting "apostate thinking" directly into local thinking.

    In those letters 1Pet.2: 14-16 was my #2 scripture [behind Lev.5:1] used to make the point that the "great attack" was NOT going to come from the 'image of the beast, the UN" but from the courts. I told the folks that the "governor" was the modern day court system, per WBTS teaching. During Peters time it was the Roman 'governor' who was the courts. It is the courts who 'inflict punishment on evildoers'. Although all those years I never envisioned it to apply to molestations. I had used it in its relationship to court documents pertaining to a $4.250,000 unregestered securties swindle and the relationship with the WBTS and the swindler a Raymond C. Dale out of the San Diego area [ mentioned on this site by 'Royal flush Phil' ] and Isa1:23. I was told prior to the Conti case to look for the churchs future being dictated by by the courts. I think that person was right on.

    Read over 1Pet.2:14-16 and let me know what you think.

    Shalom Bill

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    What was the relationship of Raymond C. Dale with the Watchtower?

    Also, I don't think what is happening in the "courts" or the Australian Royal Commission in connection with Watchtower has any relation to what is recorded in the Bible.

  • talesin


    When reading the Submission, I felt the Commission found it deeply disturbing that the victim was forced to testify in the presence of her (or his) rapist, and three other men! with NO support permitted. All people are disgusted by this - and the ones I have told over the years, were outraged. It's chilling, truly chilling.

    Thanks for posting some highlights.

    t :sunglasses:

  • sparrowdown

    The WT did appear rather ill-prepared which I put down to several possible rationales/scenarios.

    * This was a deliberate strategy from the higher ups at HQ to cause the brothers at Australia Branch to appear feckless to the extreme. Which wasn't difficult because even brothers with positions at a relatively large branch are feckless to the extreme. Ignorant and out of the GB loop, cannon fodder at best.

    * Once fecklessness has been established, and it was...oh it was. The GB have their heads on a plate to serve up to the media or the gov or whoever else is demanding for a few heads to roll. They can say the Aus Branch f...ed up, they didn't know what they were doing, but we will "fire" all the incompetents and "clean house" in the spirit of cooperation.

    * Someone, somewhere in the Head Honcho dep at HQ would have reseached the RC and deemed it to be a toothless tiger, so therefore nothing to worry about.

    *They have already inplemented some clever jiggery-pokery with changing the name of the TMS and dropping the bookstudy in private homes and will continue to rearrange the wording/phrasing of key passages in future literature and correspondence and present this as evidence of change - if asked to provide it.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    But the RC isn't a toothless tiger. And WT is scrambling with damage control submission, like the first from Jackson clarifying his meanderings and now this disconnected response submission.

    Laws will be made based on the RCs final recommendation. Public opinion will enforce it.

  • talesin

    I think that Steven Unthank created an awareness that 'something is not right about those JWS', and the ARC came in with perfect timing. It's my understanding as well, that Australian folk are outspoken and would not try to cover this type of thing up - religion doesn't have the stranglehold on governments 'down-under', or in any of the Commonwealth nations, that it has in the USA.


  • sparrowdown
    Girlnextdoor -Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm not saying the RC is a toothless tiger, but that possibly someone in WT heirarchy would arrogantly deem it to be and therefore not to be taken too seriously. Hypothetical reason for their un-preparedness???
  • steve2

    The Royal Commission findings have the 'power' to be tabled at federal government level with a high likelihood they will provide the basis for policy development and lead to law changes and even new laws.

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