WT Library DVD 2015 Just Updated to 2016 Information WTF

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  • Poztate

    Every year I install the WT library on CD or DVD to my wife's laptop. The 2015 DVD seemed no different than normal but today when she opened it up it said updates are available and to download updates. It updated to 2016 magazines,and study articles.ETC

    Am I behind the times and didn't notice this feature or is this a new way to update their library.I think I heard the 2015 disk would be the last disk available so maybe this is what they are doing instead ?

  • LevelThePlayingField

    This way they can make any changes they want to and no one will ever know.

  • Poztate

    That would be true. I guess now if there is some damming information in a 1950 WT they could just change it and no body would be the wiser. 1984 anyone ?

    I will make sure to hang onto all the older WT CD's in case there are any questions asked.

  • steve2

    If it's not in the latest update, it doesn't exist.

  • Poztate

    Is 2015 the first year they have done this ? There doesn't seem to be any information at the congregation level about this "upgrade" It must have been embedded in the 2015 DVD from the start I would think ?

    Any techies want to give their observations,opinions.

  • freddo

    No tecchie here but this is the first time (2015) it has been released on DVD as opposed to CD. I have both a 2011 and a 2014 on my hard drive.

  • Caminante

    As of the 2015 DVD release, the plan is to release updates twice a year: in July and in January.

    The current update added the 10 Questions brochure, the study edition of Mark, the Glossary, and all the 2016 periodicals dated until June 2016 (The Watchtower, Awake! and the Meeting Workbooks)

    The old, out-of-print publications are not affected. The publications that are still in use have their most recent editions (as was always the case) in the library.

  • Crazyguy

    I'll bet in the future if one downloads a version it will go in delete all older versions and get rid of all publication before a certain year and make changes to any other publication they want. If you don't want to loose older info you better take steps .

  • Poztate
    As of the 2015 DVD release, the plan is to release updates twice a year: in July and in January.

    Caminante Thanks for the info on the updating procedure. I wonder how long it will take them before they start to sanitize or remove older publications because of that new light thing. I have a good collection of older WT CD's to check for changes.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The light just keeps on getting brighter and brighter for the Governing Body to take out shit that might be used in a court of law and hope no one noticed.

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