MY suggestion for Muslims entering this country.

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    First of all immigration is a privilege not a right, the same as obtaining a driving license it's

    a privilege not a right. My suggestion all Muslims that seeking permanent resident or a visa

    should be required to swear on the their Bible, I will not be involved in any kind of activities that

    bring harm to any citizen, something to that effect.

    The point if they are a true Muslim they will not be able to swear to Allah if they are here to cause harm,

    they will miss out on their 70 virgin wives.

  • sir82
  • blondie

    Christians aren't required to swear on the bible. I was a jw when I got my passport and swearing on the bible or taking an oath was not required.

    During the "cold war" my military father said requiring people to swear an oath to the US did not work in finding Communists


    We have laws for a reason. No one has the right to enter another nation illegally. If you or I tried to walk into China, ( not that we would want to ) there would be issues, and rightly so.

    Donald Trump is right, illegal immigrants have no right to be in the USA. If you want to be here, you should do it legally. Refugees are another matter, IMO. These people need help, but safety measures should be put into place. Having refugees documented is not profiling, it's common sense.


  • bemused
    How would you know that they're a Muslim?
  • sir82

    How would you know that they're a Muslim?

    Wow, good point.

    I mean, they're all sneaky & all, they could lie if you just ask them.

    Just to be safe, better keep anyone with brown skin out.

  • freemindfade

    Freedom of religion does not apply to immigrants only citizens of America, and technically they can be turned away for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all.

    I think this refugee debate has gone off the rails and peoples mere concern for who these folks could include has sounded alarms of bigotry. But still think about it, the Muslims that are coming from this location are leaving the incubator of extremism, I don't think its unheard of to slow the influx and seriously take a look at them.

    Is there a difference between a christian Syrian refugee and a Muslim?

    Fundamentally speaking based on their ideology no.

    One's groups beliefs actively promote things contrary to the constitution, in other words they don't agree with america. Tough situation. I already lived in a neighborhood that was probably about 75% Muslims from Egypt. Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and 25% Christians from the same area. Based on my many years there and what I saw, if I had my choice of neighbor it wold only be one of that group.

  • freemindfade

    Also James according to Taqiya and Kitman its perfectly OK for a Muslim to say they are christian or Jew or whatever to deceive and infidel so it wont work

    Recently, ISIS has published training manuals that encourage taqiya to be used in order to hide prospective terrorists' religion from the authorities.

  • Petraglyph
    @James, where is "this country"? ;)
  • SecretSlaveClass

    Indeed a Muslim can be a terrorist without openly behaving like a fundamentalist. Some of the 911 terrorists indulged in alcohol and prostitutes during their stay in the US. It's silly to assume any enemy would divulge their true nature and still expect to be overlooked.

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