Its a Canadian Conspiracy I say ...

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  • Amazing

    Yes, the Niagra Mohawk power and another power plant near Ottawa started it all ... Yep, Canada is trying to break free from its dependancy on the United Stated so they can seek admission as a colony of France ... at least Quebec ... but, it backfired terribly ...

    Seriously, the brain-dead idiots are trying to tell us how computer viruses have been ruled out ... this is a straw-man claim in reverse ... no power plant is run by computers, especially nuclear plants ... computers are only used for information, analysis, and data recording. The system just has kinks in it ... not reviewed as often as it needs ... and so the northeast grid just had a domino effect much as the outages in 1977 and 1965. It will take a couple of days to know the real cause and have power restored ...

    The goofy experts are already saying that there is no way this is an act of terrorism ... and they may be right ... BUT, they are speaking way too soon, as there is no way they can really know until the event has had a root cause analysis, which will take time ... ALSO ... I heard them spewing some information that I know is BS ... so, I also sense something funky here ... having been in the power engineering business for 25 years, I will not be surprised if this turns out to be an attack ... perhaps a test attack to learn how to do this really big across the USA and Canada ... I hope I am wrong. - Jim W.

  • teenyuck

    What's even funnier is the local news in Columbus....they are telling us to remain calm....

    Since I can see the local news, I have POWER!!!!! I don't have to remain calm. DUH! They are telling people to drink fluids and stay cool--on the news!

    Apparently, people in Columbus cannot figure out that since they have power, they are NOT affected by the power outage in Cleveland....

    Reporters on the streets in Columbus are interviewing people locals and getting their opinions!

  • shotgun

    Its Armageddon......

    No wait that was when the US attacked Iraq.....

    No wait it was the SARS outbreak...

    No wait its the wildfires raging across North America....

    Wait its Homosexual marriages being legalized......

    Maybe its the price of freakin gas over $3 a gallon up here that has got to be a sign of the end!

    Amazing here in British Columbia there are no conspiracies..

    Terrorists are welcome here, they can light a joint and if their gay well let them say I do and then at the reception we can throw a pie in the Prime Ministers face. Can it get much better than that!

    Amazing I sent you a PM

  • acsot

    Can it really be that Amazing is not that amazing in geography? Tell me it ain't so .

    The Niagara Mohawk plant is in... Niagara Falls................New York - as in NEW YORK - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Rather far from Ottawa.

    Kinda too bad we can't take credit for it .

    Unless, of course, that's the conspiracy - let our neighbors to the south think that the power plan is in the U.S. while it's actually in Canada ............ hmmmm............

  • Amazing

    Hi Acsot: The problems is not my geography. Rather, the Canadians sneaked across the border, and, well ... the rest is history ...

  • lawrence

    Probably caused by a former Enron disgruntled systems programmer who raised the interrupt priority level and put a bad time in the clock register, crashing the initial system, all the while he was listening to Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii.

  • xjw_b12

    I know it is only temporary, but finally the presses in Brooklyn are silent. Another blessing from Yahweh.

  • Scully

    xjw_b12 writes:

    I know it is only temporary, but finally the presses in Brooklyn are silent. Another blessing from Yahweh.

    It would have been so cool to get a recording of the presses falling silent. MP3 anyone??

    Love, Scully

  • Pleasuredome

    did anyone see the new york mayor give a news conference? he gave some great advice out like 'keep your windows open' and 'keep your fridge door shut'. he could of added, 'and dont forget to keep living'. what a prat.

  • acsot


    Aw shucks, we've been caught !

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