The Unique Power, Control and Status of the GB Members

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  • Finkelstein

    Something to reflect upon is the real unregulated, power and control the GB members have.

    Such as they themselves cant be judged for their practice as being true Christians according to bible scripture.

    An example of that power and control,.... J Rutherford the once head leader of the WTS. lived with a female assistant when he was separated from his wife ??? She declared that she was very much his wife in court under oath

    No one criticize this even the lower controlling leaders of the WTS ?

    F Franz the once head bible theologian and GB member of the WTS, used a fictitious 6000 years of mankind's existence twice approximately 30 years apart (1941,1975), which he didn't originally create for C T Russell (1900) the past president of the WTS. used it previously.

    The unsupported dating of 1914 is still used as a core doctrine but no GB member has come up and said its wrong or un scriptural.

    Joining the UN as a member was something that would have gotten any JWS in hot water in the past but look who joined then receded the membership when they got openly caught.

    There is whole mess of doctrines which now strongly suggest were created without strong scriptural support , ie. the blood doctrine, which unfortunately has killed thousands by now.

  • flipper

    Good thread Fink. As I've said recently on other threads- the real danger of the governing body inside Jehovah's Witnesses is their unchecked power over the 7 or 8 million JW's worldwide. Nobody questions it within the organization because they are controlled as if in a Stockholm Syndrome where rank & file JW's are INDOCTRINATED to identify with their captors - the GB. JW's are taught to support these bastards - or die at " Armageddon " - essentially. So through FEAR and GUILT - many JW's just stay in it- being too frightened to expose the corruption within the organization - as they fear what will happen to them like shunning, ostracism, loneliness, or if they believe the lie " death " at an imaginary " Armageddon " . Mind control is a bitch my friend. Seriously.

    Look at how people were threatened in Hitlers Germany- and you can get an idea of how powerful men can control so many people. It's disgusting

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Flipper you say it so well. Fink I never thought about how unique the GB power is. They judge everybody else but themselves. They can do know wrong. I swear they could literally go out and kill someone be arrested, tried, convicted, put in jail and all the faithful would declare persecution from Satan and the apostates. Instead of looking at them as murderers. Can we all say CULT!!!! Still Totally ADD

  • Hecce

    There is no way that is a Divine arrangement, all the faithful men in the Bible were subjected to discipline for their errors and failures. What the GB is doing is becoming equal to Jesus.

    Great information.

  • Finkelstein

    In a free society relating to religion notably in the US , organizations like the WTS./ JWS can develop.

    The essence of the divine will really is toward self empowerment, that and the endeavoring agenda to procure money so one can sustain that elevated self empowerment.

    Once someone or a group of people vehemently support the notion that a certain individual or group of individuals has divine provenance from an almighty supernatural creator, the human sociological behavior problems begin.

    The WTS/JWS gradually morphed into high controlling cult most likely because of its self proclaimed doctrines were not bible supported and this was known and recognized by its top leaders, so in the attempt to hold onto its adherent supporters the WTS leaders instilled a watchful eye over all its engaging members.

    Those who dont question the doctrines are identified as being spiritually strong, righteous in the face of God Jehovah in performing his will and purpose, those who dont agree with the doctrines are identified as being spiritually weak confused by Satan's compelling influence and opposition to " The Truth "

    This is called in psychological terms as mental indoctrination and is strategically done so to procure and sustain devoted followers toward the leaders of an organization.

  • flipper

    FINKELSTEIN - Well stated, I agree

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWS is an interesting study of religious behavior in that this organization openly admonished other Christian based faiths for doing unrighteous things in practice or worship but at the same time inherently created a bunch of wrong doctrines on their own.

    I guess in their intent of creating a following and grabbing attention to the literature the WTS published, doctrines were devised to enhance the proliferation of that literature.

    The ending result is that the WTS/JWS today are more seen as an organization of commercialized and corrupt charlatanism, preaching a tainted up version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the Watchtower Corporation.

  • pontoon

    Yes, GB have zero accountability, even legally they have protected themselves with their teams of attorneys and many many corporations. But followers also give up accountability to their own common sense. In what other scenario would otherwise intelligent men and women give so much control and authority to seven strangers (and also local elders) feeling obligated to devote 1,000's of hours to do work that they claim is their own responsibility to do (remember, we were not Christ's brother entrusted with the preaching work) for a vague promise in an ancient book that they say gives them their authority? It would be like taking a job and the boss says I'll give you a pay check in 20 or 30 years, probably (probably you will be saved.....) Only in the name of religion---give up your common sense, reasoning ability. And at one time we did too. Pontoon in the Hudson Valley NY

  • sparrowdown

    Interesting thread with great points.

    This sort of mental indoctrination can happen in a similar way with political groups and social cause groups also.

    Groupthink is a bitch.

  • Chook

    Not only are the magic seven directed by God , in an twinkling of an eye they are transported at their death to reign with Christ on those horses with blood of children up to the bridle. The power trip that these guys are riding on has no peers.

    If Raymond Frans is to be believed he claimed that they spent their entire time dealing with sticky judicial decisions. JWs rules and laws and regulations transcend any amount Israel could of ever dreamed up.

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