Britain Branch Relocation Project - 7 BOE's

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  • Dreamerdude

    This is insane, elaborate wild goose chase.

    They really expect to get 1,000s of deluded guys with valuable skills to waste a minimum of 16 hours a week for 6 months.

    If the BOEs were awake, they would write letters of response with the contents of Lois Lane's post.


    There is always a passive/agressive pressure to "give to Jehovah." Thank goodness that all you have to do is lose your "priviliges", neglect to re-up on the "volunteer construction" list, and you will be forgotten as a useless cog in the great Real Estate machine.


  • Vidiot

    I'm starting to wonder if the Org wants all the volunteer labor because they can no longer afford contracted labor... :smirk:


    Perhaps when they realized that Jeehoober wasn't really helping at Warwick and they had to call in "worldlings", shit got real expensive, real fast!!!?

    Can you imagine being a volunteer? Supposedly, you are building the new HQ of the one true religion, in all of human history; the very epicenter of the New World. It's the equivalent of the New Temple!

    Now, imagine an ancient Israelite workforce, believing Jeehibbity-hop was blessing the construction of the Temple. They have to call in pagan laborers, paying them from Jeehobo's treasury, just to get the Temple finished! WTH???!?!

    The prophets would have searched out the secret sinners, those responsible for Jerkhoober withdrawing his blessing!! Hey, GB! What have you been sweeping under the rug???


  • konceptual99

    Whilst costs may be a factor I am not sure this is the primary driver.

    With Warwick, I get the feeling that time was more of an issue. The facilities are much bigger than what is happening in the UK now and I don't think they wanted the lack of a new home to prevent the sale of the NY portfolio. The use of contractors has helped ensure that the facilities are ready in time for them to move out and realise the capital invested in the NY bricks and mortar. Relying on volunteer labour for a project of the size and timescales of Warwick would have meant a very elongated process.

    Of course they will want to sell and move out of London as well however they are already giving it a four year time line which is a really long time to build a warehouse, some offices and a glorified Travel Lodge. They don't need to use contractors as it is likely they can get the needed resources from the congregations. They save money, get a longer time frame to beg for money and have time to get the right deal for the London portfolio. Win-win for them.

  • Tallon

    Ref - Personnel Needs letter – BRA August 17, 2016

    ‘As a follow-up to our letter dated July 12, 2016, we would now like to ask for your assistance in identifying personnel that we could use in various regions of the Britain field.’ …. (Italics & Bold mine)

    Note that it says ‘USE’; - not approach, or ask, for their help – but USE

    A bit presumptuous, don't you think?

  • Vidiot

    Tallon - "Note that it says ‘USE’; - not approach, or ask, for their help – but USE... A bit presumptuous, don't you think?"

    I thought it was refreshingly honest, actually. :smirk:

  • pepperheart

    there wont be many people going to chelmsford becaucse they are downsizing the bethel or kicking 100s of people out on the street that used to work there

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