Watchtower now ID's JW's as the locusts from hell in Revelation

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  • elamona

    Has any one seen the following website? If so please disregard as I'm sometimes way behind everyone else and think I've found some new and great thing just to learn that everybody else already knows about it. It's a well documented encounter a gentleman had with a witness on the telephone who must have been so horrified by what she learned that she never called him back like she was suppose to. Every other reference to Abbaddon I find is in relation to Satan the Devil and NOT Jesus . It now appears that the WTBTS now claims to be Satan's tool.

  • rocky220

    Where's the bug spray when you need it????!!!!! [just kidding, uh maybe not]


  • KGB

    yes that web site has been posted here before and yes they do make the claim of being from satan....does that scare you now ?

  • heathen

    That's something they printed in the Revelation grand climax book .The locust with scorpion tails are supposed to be anointed christians that come up out of the pit of inactivity to express Gods firey judgement against false religionists and point out the hypocrisy and injustice that they represent. I have heard some religionists claim that it means american military helicopters but that makes no sense because clearly it says that the locust do not kill but only harm .

  • Euphemism

    Like Heathen said... that was in the Revelation book. Sorry, ela, this is actually 15 years late!

  • Nosferatu

    I haven't read that before, but it was well worth posting again elamona! This is an excellent example of how well Jehovah's channel of communication is working. I think they've been disconnected. Or maybe they've never been hooked up at all!

  • Elsewhere

    It's amazing how they modified the NWT to hide the fact that a·po´lei·an refers to satan.

    An excellent example of this is:

    *** Matthew 7:13 ***"Go in through the narrow gate; because broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, ( a·po´lei·an) and many are the ones going in through it

    According to their own teachings, a·po´lei·an is Jesus. If this is true, then you would want to choose the "Broad and Spacious" gate instead of the "Narrow" gate. It would also mean that Jesus was the path to destruction. (Mark 13:21-23)

    Some other scriptures that they convinenetly changed to hide this...Job 26:6
    Joel 1:6
    Joel 2:9-11
    Joel 2:20
    Joel 1:4
    Matthew 7:13
    Proverbs 27:20
    Proverbs 15:11

  • VM44

    Long ago, in the 1930s I believe, some Witnesses (who then were mostly of the annoited) would write each other letters and sign then in closing with "Your fellow locust"

    Then they got away from saying that.

    Now they are back saying it?


  • Kenneson

    The Revelation Its Grand Climax is at Hand book, pages 142-148 discuss in details the activities of the "locusts." It declares: "Through the 1920's and 1930's, The Golden Age tormented the clergy with further stinging articles and cartoons that exposedtheir crafty dabbling in politics, and especially the Catholic hierarchy's accords made with the Fascist and Nazi dictators. In response, the clergy 'framed mischief by law' and organized mob violence against God's people. --Psalm 94:20, King James Version." Also, check out one of their featured cartoons!

    Never for a moment does it enter the W.T.'s mind that much of the "persecution" they received was due to their own dastardly cussedness. They reaped what they sowed.

    They may have "stung" the religious leaders, etc., but they got "stung" right back! And they fared worse then the religious leaders did. Who indeed were the "locusts"?

  • blondie

    Kenneson, you might call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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