Sisters running microphones?

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  • baker

    More funny incident sunday 25th. someone behind us phone went off right during a very silent period and could not locate it quick enuf to shut it off. It was playing 'Here comes santa clause, santa clause, coming down santa clause way.... for at least 40 minutes. It was hilarious, a lot of snickering going on.


    I remember a JW Woman covering her head to take a book study, because I was there..

    I was 6..

  • Crazyguy

    It's a control thing, when I was in my last year of being a asleep JW I asked to be on the school. Hadn't been on in years do to health reasons. Anyway did the elder get me on the school right away, nope! In fact he never did before I woke up, probably had to do with the fact that I was under the 10 hours per month. The cult is more about control then ever before.

  • blondie

    No head covering if it is not a teaching position in regard to jws. Sisters don't wear head coverings to study with non-jws, even men. Of course, BOEs can and do make the rules in their own congregation.

    Not teaching but visible...even if sisters more qualified in a practical way, use brother even if less qualified, e.g., 2 ministerial servants in one congregation could not read, memorized talks and announcements.





    Much older jws will remember congegations with all sisters handled everything except JCs or other things only elders could handle.

  • blondie

    Baptized brother present doesn't always mean he gets to pray for the congregation, He could be on restrictions after having been reinstated elsewhere and moved to a new congregation or reproved privately. No one would know except the elders.

    I was a regular pioneer in a congregation and a new brother moved in. He was quiet and shy seemingly. I handled the meeting for field service, Wednesday morning. Always all sisters and I wore a nice scarf I always had with me. There were several nice ones in the library for emergencies. This brother came in dressed for field service. I walked over and asked him to handle the group, he declined quietly. So I told the sisters we could make up own groups and say a personal prayer. The sisters were confused too why he didn't handle the group.

    Later we found out he was on restrictions. Why the elders didn't think to tell the sisters assigned by the BOE to organize the group, I don't know. It was embarrassing for all. He just came late or waited in the car until we came out of the KH and joined a group.

    Once I had a brother come with me on a study. It came time to open with prayer and he declined. Ah.....................turned out he was on restrictions but did not tell me.

    Now once I had the CO come with me, he prayed but let me conduct. So if it is one thing it's another.

    I can remember the brother who insisted I had to wear a head covering when I studied with anyone....weird guy.

  • Phizzy

    Why should the Bros. be embarrassed to let the Sisters do the work, if they want to, in this the 21st century ?

  • blondie

    Embarrassed because:

    1) They haven't trained the young brothers coming up, or set a good example

    2) Young men don't stick around the congregation

    3) If they do stick around, they don't want responsibility; and keep their hours low on purpose

    4) Those with assignments don't show up, are unprepared, or even forgot they have a part

    5) Top that off that the few who have a brain cell are so overloaded, they are stepping down, or dying.

    My husband was a school overseer, book study conductor, substitute book study conductor, accounts servant, assisted in keeping the time records, gave a public talk on the road once a month, etc.

  • Hisclarkness

    It's embarrassing for the brothers, not simply because a woman is doing it, but because all you have to do is put two and two together to now know that this brother was reproved for some "sin". What was a private matter now all of a sudden becomes congregation gossip.

    I was privately reproved once and was way too embarrassed to decline conducting a field service meeting or a closing prayer so I just went ahead and did it, all the while feeling doubly guilty. Then you have scenarios where you began avoiding field service all together simply out of fear that you might be the only brother there. Then your F.S. time declines and it's a vicious downward spiral of guilt from there.

  • NikL

    You reminded me of something Hisclarkness.

    Many years ago I was put on private reproof and it was during this time the book study I attended was mostly older sisters.
    Well, one night there was only two brothers in attendance, the conductor and myself.
    Well after the opening prayer being handled by the conductor the study and the reading by the conductor and of course the closing prayer being done by the conductor... I guess my private reproof was not so private anymore LOL

  • Hecce

    Way back in third world countries, sisters that were pioneers will go to places without a congregation; as soon as possible they will start a small group. They will conduct meetings and eventually do all the duties normally assigned to brothers, the only thing that they couldn't do was participate in judicial matters; this arrangement continued until they had baptized brothers qualified to take over.

    It was common to have sisters in formal congregations doing the duties of assistants or MS; most of the time they did a better job that the brothers.

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