Iceman Mummy Was Meat Eater Pre Flood

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  • willyloman

    According to WT chronology, the flood of Noah happened about 2600 BCE, after which man was allowed for the first time to hunt animals for food and eat meat.

    According to the news, the "iceman" mummy discovered frozen, well preserved and the object of much scientific study, is 5,000 years old. This dates his existence to about 3000 BCE, well before the flood.

    Below is today's MSNBC news report on what they found in his stomach, and it raises an obvious question: Did man eat meat prior to the flood? Note the last sentence in the excerpt:

    Otzi, the oldest mummy ever unearthed, was found in the Italian Alps in 1991. Scientists were thrilled to find he had remained frozen, and almost perfectly preserved, for thousands of years.
    He wore clothing made from leather and grasses and carried a copper axe, a bow and arrows. Later, an arrowhead was found in his left shoulder, suggesting Otzi did not simply freeze to death while climbing the high mountains, but was shot by a fellow hunter.
    After studying the corpse’s intestines, Italian researcher Franco Rollo concluded last year that the iceman’s final meals consisted of venison and ibex meat.
  • cruzanheart

    Must've been Abel. Cain was a vegetarian.


  • stillajwexelder

    almost certainly some men ate meat prior to the flood - which is pretty certain was not global -- but around and localized to the then known world -- the land around the Mediterranean (literally middle of the earth)/Black sea etc -- plenty of good books on this subject backed up by good scientific evidence -- yes I know Italy is around the mediteranean. I had a good old LOL when I read the posted suggestion it must have been Abel because Cain was a veggie. So the Genesis account obviously is not a literla account but written in language that people could relate to -- and possibly embellished slightly. To them a local flood over the known world would be a global flood -- but has been proven could not literally cover all mountain tops all over the globe

  • shotgun

    Actually Nina Abel did not eat the meat, he raised all those sheep for their wool which they then used to knit into skimpy little loin cloths as it was too warm in that pre-flood world to wear the full sheep skin.

    They also unearthed a pre-flood vehicle reminescent of what Fred Flintstone drove complete with sheep skin seat covers.

    I'm sure your also aware that Abel was the first human to swear.....when he saw cain with that club he shouted ''Lets get the flock outa here''

    When I look back now at what I've excepted all my life without question, puns like these seem possible as well

  • Trauma_Hound

    Nevermind the Sumarians had a flood myth before the bible.

  • stillajwexelder

    Exactly -- The Epic of Gilgamesh is also well worth a read

  • RunningMan

    Do I really need to spell out exactly what Abel was doing with those sheep?

    Think about it. All humans were vegetarians. There were four people on the earth - Mom, Dad, and the two grown boys - no women.

    If you still haven't figured it out, rent some old Monty Python videos.

  • shotgun

    While we are on the Flood topic......I used to give the (Pubic) talk on the was my favorite outline.

    One of the main secular authorities quoted throughout was David Morris of the Polytechnic Institute of Virginia..sounds impressive huh...

    When all my Org doubts were surfacing I checked this noted source and was surprised to find he was the President of the C.R.I.......Creationists Research Institute.....A christian organization who's sole purpose is disproving evolution and furthering belief in God and the Bible. Certainly not an unbiased contributor to the subject.

    He had been at the Virginia Polythechnic institute in the 60's as a civil engineer. The C.R.I now admits that all of the hypothesis of Mr Morris concerning a water canopy...etc...etc are not plausible. He has also wrote an interesting article called dragons in paradise where he states that dinosaurs lived right up to the time of the flood. That would raise a few eyebrows from the old platform if the dinosaur theory was woven into the talk. I suppose you have all looked into the nephilim connection and the flood ....where they were not all killed I mean.

  • cruzanheart

    LMAO at shotgun and running man!!! Reminds me of an old Peter Cook/Dudley Moore Saturday Night Live routine where Peter Cook was the shepherd who was watching his flock the night of Jesus' birth and Dudley Moore the reporter from, I believe, the Bethlehem Gazette. They said something about "ramifications" as a double entendre regarding his flock, and then Peter Cook said, "I think I'll get my next lot from Gomorrah."

    Ah, the classics!


  • Elsewhere

    Oh this is easily explained... didn't you know that carbon dating is horribly inaccurate? For all we know that guy was a climber who tripped and fell the year before he was found.

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