What would you do for next November 5?

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  • thebrokenkite

    @drearyweather My point exactly. Use JW training and tactics against them. Call it sub-cultural appropriation. ;)

  • DesirousOfChange

    What was the goal of this event?

    If it was to make some point to WT personnel, then I suspect it was a flop. I can just imagine any JW on HQ Campus snickering about the clusterf**k army at their gates. And that is IF they even took note.

    If it was a type of "therapy" to help the participants feel better about the personal abuse (of any kind) that they suffered because of their years associating with WTS/JWs, then hopefully it accomplished that goal. Kind of like writing a Mommy Dearest letter to your toxic mother to get it off your chest, but then burning the letter. It didn't fix anything, but doing it was theraputic.

    If the goal is to awaken other sleeping JWs, then I think the time would be better spent and would yield greater results if each "protester" did something such as a suggestion made here in the past of discreeting placing small notes or cards at JW Conventions that have a thought provoking message that would stir some doubts and encourage researching, with a reference to jwfacts, etc. Even the billboard that was rented near a Dist Conv site is more likely to get a doubting JW to think about researching those doubts.


  • Jse

    I agree with an important date. A protest would be more effective if it was done when they are holding there memorial. But not just in one congregation but in maybe whole bunch throughout the country. This way it would have a much bigger impact especially since they have a lot of visitors that night.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    My question though is what would you consider as a win in these types of protests? When will you say it is done and we won? How can you know if your tactic is working or if you have to make an adjustments or stick with what you are doing?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I think on this site I saw pictures posted of a protest done in New York. Maybe in the fifthties? In coats and sandwich boards. I never knew about it although I remember at the big assemblies years ago, big signs and banners from the "apostates"

    Those in the sandwich boards must have felt like they may have been shouting down a hole. I mean, who would believe them? They hoped someone would. But they did what they could.

    I'm the same as thebrokenkite in thinking that the protest could have been better. But then, I didn't fly to New York or protest. They did what they could. They did go around the area and leave pamphlets telling the neighbors of Warwick, what the Jw's were all about. That alone will help to keep others from falling into the trap. And my sister said, that it was therapy for most of them. That's a good thing right?

    It sounds like thebrokenkite wants to volunteer for the job of organizing. Go for it!

  • thebrokenkite

    @days of future past The folks that imply the criticism is harsh or based out of jealousy are really blowing things out of proportion and remind me of the “fake news” cop out the POTUS so often resorts to. I was actually excited to go when I first heard and asked my non-JW wife to come along in a few weeks. What gave me a preview of things to come and diminished my excitement was that it was really difficult to find an exact time and location. The two apostates who arrived before us didn’t know if we were in the right place and even some of the organizers showed up to wrong place and the ranger had to escort them out way! There was no program, just an impromptu open mic, though most of the organizers did prepare their thoughts. They hadn’t really considered the logistics until after that was over. I think those are very basic things that many former JWs have probably handled and aren’t too much to ask. Again, dressing, not in suits as others have tried to attribute to me, but in a presentable manner that won’t distract JWs trained to be distracted by that. Instead of welcoming criticism or suggestions, this brand of apostasy has doubled down and made it personal, which I find amusing. It’s very New York.

    To your last point, I’m just a details guy and more of consigliere than a Godfather. Though this was ultimately a positive experience for me, I’m not sure that protests are the most effective medium of apostasy.

  • nonjwspouse

    The most effective medium has been shown already. It is the now intensely popular A&E TV show that Lean Remini and Mike Rinder are doing on Scientology. They are creating a huge discussion among non Scientologists. ( Desensitizing possible converts to the point they will not be sucked in).Plus, there are some in the Scientology organization that are now finding their voice, and bravely speaking out/leaving .

    There is word out that Leah / A&E are looking into doing a show on the JW. That could be huge if done correctly, and with some "higher ups" who were in the know of the organization. Someone like JT of the youtube channel "critical thinker". Eloquent, easy to understand, intelligent, and appealing to all levels of those still inside the JW. There are other well known outspoken ones, with different approaches, who held elder positions, etc, such as "John Ceaders", etc. There are some here who would be an excellent guest on the show.

    I trust the producers of the show, as well as Leah and Mike would be sure to do the real homework. Hopefully as well as my "not-really-celebrity crush", Angus Stewart of the Royal Commission in Australia.

  • darkspilver

    Faded: I think everything has to start somewhere

    A survey?


    Results, so far: https://imgur.com/a/s56OF

    hat tip: https://www.reddit.com/r/exjw/comments/7bdbjs/

  • josephus

    We did blitz Warwick on the 4th. Knocked doors stood in the town centre met the major had a tv crew the whole time.

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