Tony Morris Shows Off Engraved Gold Ring with Turquoise Birthstone(?)

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  • Funchback

    The July JW Broadcasting camera zooms in on Tony's ring at around the 8:30 mark here:

    Maybe it's not a big deal. Maybe it is.

    In my opinion, it's being kind of flashy. You want to show off a sizeable gold ring engraved with your initials, with what looks like a turquoise birthstone (or maybe not...I'm no expert).

    All I know is when this close up occured, the focus was supposed to be the page. All I saw was a diamondy-shiny cufflink and a gold ring engraved with A.M.

    Anyway, it should make for some fun debate among us.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous
    It's too blurry for me to tell anything about it but it's sure a big ring. Is the middle a stone too? Whether it's intended as a birthstone depends on the birthday of Mr. Morris?
  • sparky1

    It looks like a 'signet' ring to me. Perhaps it was once owned by his grandfather Anthony Morris the First, maybe passed down to him by his father and it may hold sentimental value for him. The sight of this man makes me puke, but cut the guy some slack. I wear a 'signet' ring myself.

  • stuckinarut2

    It has his initials on it so that when he forgets his own name, he can just look at it as a memory jog....

  • tepidpoultry

    Well I was thinking that in perspective there are a lot ot illustrations in the mags over the last 30 years, how much similar jewelery was used in illustrations for us to imitate in our own lives, realize too that these photos are closely analyzed each week at the WT Study, so, what do you think? I really hate hypocrisy, btw is the Third World getting these broadcasts? :)

  • pale.emperor

    I dont think thats a stone, it looks like a reflection from the camera. I did think it a little too flashy for an international broadcast, but then im not a cult leader with 8 million people drooling at my every word.

  • fulano

    Totally wrong. Stone should not be on this ring and (only if Morris has a coat of arms, which I doubt) only worn this way.

  • Funchback

    Like I said in the OP, it may be no big deal. Just thought it would make for an interesting discussion.

    pale.emporor: I don't believe it's a reflection of light. It stays consistent no matter its position, which is why I believe it's a December birthstone. Speaking of which, JW literature states it is a conscience matter whether or not JWs can wear a birthstone.

  • _Morpheus

    When the gb take photos i shrug and say its only human kindness and fellowship... when tight pants tony wears a huge ring its a "showy display of ones means of life" by "one of christs brothers" who is supposed to be a humble man. Just have some sense and a little class and take the damn ring off when you know your gonna be on camera

  • Funchback


    That's my feeling. The ring in and of itself isn't wrong for someone to have. But the whole being on camera thing is what makes it feel showy, especially when zooming in on the ring the book. But I digress.

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