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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Hello Ryan.

    Unfortunately I can't really help you, except to point to these two links.

    We started in 2006 as a group for xJWs in Kent, we then expanded into South East England, then the whole of England, and now we operate as a group for xJWs in the whole of Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to meet and receive support and friendship.
    Please keep in mind that this group is public to anyone who joins and as we know, the Jehovah's Witnesses operate a shunning policy on anyone who disobeys the Watchtower organisation. So if you are a fader or a doubter and fear that there may be repercussions of your joining such a group, please do not use your real name, your face photo or any other information that may incriminate you or cause you to be seen as an apostate.

    People have suffered a lot because of the shunning of family members, the mishandling of child abuse cases, the mishandling of domestic abuse cases, the ban on certain medical treatments involving blood and the stigmatising of higher education as the pursuit of materialism and a waste of time. We are here to offer a listening ear and to reignite your social life and meet new people who understand you.

    Also, you may want to post the info in your opening post again, on this thread:

    Take care. :)

  • purrpurr
    Hi is that manc as in Manchester?
  • truthwillsetyoufree
    Hey ryan. I'm Josh, I'm 27 and live in the Uk. Born and raised as a Jehovah's witness, baptised at 15, pioneered briefly and attended 3 polish language groups whilst attending an english congregation- all at the same time. When i was 22 i read crisis of conscience which destroyed my faith in the witnesses and I became inactive, and was disfellowshipped over 3 years ago. So if you think you can relate, or fancy a chat about anything then feel free to pm me.
  • Stirred

    Welcome Ryan. I hope you find the support you need.

    Take care of yourself - get sleep, seek out healthy distractions, exercixe.

    My recovery would go better if I did the same!


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I have:

    • been 27
    • been a JW
    • been in Manchester

    so I can relate.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours



  • KateWild

    Hi Ryan,

    Welcome to the site, looks like you haven't checked in. I am from Liverpool UK and look forward to finding out if Manc is Manchester UK.

    Shame I am not as young as you though.

    Kate xx

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Ryan--i'm in the UK too.

    the guy who started--and owns--this site--is Simon. --from Manchester.---but lives in Canada now.

  • rebel8

    You will find major things in common with people from all countries, genders, and ages. :)

    Feel free to share your troubles. Lay it on us. We've been there.

  • Finkelstein

    A song of inspiration for Ryan

    If you have problems you might find empathetic listeners here.

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