1930s Vertical Phonograph for Bethelites and Pioneers- of passing interest.

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  • Balaamsass2

    Blues Brother, I really don't know. My mother in law has dementia and all I know is she is still very mad about being unable to use this model (lighter) out in service. She really gets worked up about Rutherford and what he said about women. lol.

    Yes wifibandit. that is why I love Barbara Anderson's website! Some embarrassing material in some of these old books I am unpacking.

    Myname-yes! lol

    D.O.C. Yes. There are sites requesting "donations" of old books. I actually picture a giant shredder at Walkill to eliminate hard copy proof. I plan on ebaying most of this stuff after looking at it. :) Finally a few hundred bucks from WTBTS after spending hundreds of thousands and a lifetime giving to them.

    Drop off. I remember the Kurzins at Bethel. Nice guys, and very smart.

  • Balaamsass2

    Oppostate, Yes I imagine this had the hitech WOW factor in 1936! But were chicks impressed?????

    Wozza- anything with a watch spring I is mesmerizing to me.

    Great find Sparky 1. Great clip. Thank you. Answered some questions. Wish I had seen it first. I would be thrilled to get $350. Most of this old stuff is worthless. Took 2,000 lbs of more recent books to recycle......... Took 2 loads because the bed of my truck almost hit the rear tires from the weight.

    Thanks Joe. "some" money is correct. Could be of value to some upwardly mobile Elder hoping to impress a CO, or the "friends" perhaps. Having a few cocktails and listening to the Judge rant..... Might..... be good for a few laughs. :)

  • wifibandit

    @BluesBrother I found an answer!

    Informant July, 1936

    New Phonograph

    Weighs Only 9 3/4 Pounds


    The phonograph is being placed
    with the company publishers and
    auxiliaries with three discs on a
    contribution of $10.00. If you al-
    ready have records and prefer this
    phonograph it can be had for $8.00.
    Special rates are made for pioneers.
    Order your phonograph now. Keep
    them busy in your regular door-to-
    door witnessing, back calls and loan-
    ing to parties who will use them
    extensively, Have in mind that this
    new phonograph is 5 1/2 pounds lighter
    than our last one.

  • sparky1

    I believe that this is a photo of Grant Suiter and some other Watchtower Stooges at an assembly introducing the new phonograph and demonstrating how to use it. Notice the 'brother' on the right showing where the 'secret' compartment is to store a sandwich or other literature. I vaguely remember some old timer making a joke to me how after you play Rutherford's speech, you could press a button or move a lever and 'out pops a sandwich for your lunch!'

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Some recordings are archived here: http://www.freeminds.org/wav/wav.htm

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I remember that one of the two other guys in that photo was John Kurzen.

  • Balaamsass2

    Great photo sparky. Grant Suiter always had nice Suits..and snazzy shoes.

    Ya that secret "James Bond" sandwich compartment is cool. You don't get that with an IPad. :)

    Hey thanks WIFI Bandit. Great catch! $10 in 1936 equals $171.39 in 2016.

    Hey Jaydee. Just finished work and responded to your PM.

  • sparky1

    "Grant Suiter always had nice suits"...................and if I remember correctly his wife was a walking Tiffany's jewelry store! Being the Overseer of the Office of the Treasurer sure had it's perks. You could have 'first crack' at all the jewelry that little old lady witnesses donated to the Society in their wills and then purchase high end jewelry for your wife at pennies on the dollar,as a donation to the Society, using 'green handshake' money that you received the previous weekend giving a 'service talk' at a Kingdom Hall in East Podunk, USA. Every time that I ever saw Lyman Swingle he always wore that double breasted, medium toned blue, 100% wool suit that looked like he bought it in 1938 and was made from the same crude material that a horse blanket would be made from. But his wife would have more jewelry on than Cleopatra and the Queen of England combined.

  • Balaamsass2

    lol sparky. I can't remember Grant's wife. I was not aware of the jewelry angle. My father in law gave Jaraz lots of "Green Handshakes" when he was in Circuit or district work in California. One was for 10k. that translates to ($10,000 in 1964 equals $76,545.31 in 2016. ) The Mrs and her mom are pi##sed about that big time.

    I never paid attention to Lyman's suits..but I was mesmorized by those giant antenna caterpillar eyebrows. One day he was yelling at me in his office, while I was staring at those eyebrows...in a trance... "Did you hear me? he shouted." Ah....Yes....as I stood still staring at those things.....:)

  • BluesBrother


    That was Brilliant! At least we now know that the purchase of these things was a significant cost to the Witnesses back then.

    I wonder what the " Pioneer Rate" was. That would heve helped. My youthful days on the Literature Desk taught me that Pioneers enjoyed a hefty discount on books etc.

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