Who REALLY appoints elders and MS??

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  • HereIgo

    I was 19 and being considered for MS. I went out of town to see my JW girlfriend during CO visit and he was so butthurt he decided I wasn't ready! I thought Jehovah decided? Go figure. I was appointed the next round before I faded. But curious, has anyone had any similar experiences or thoughts on who really does the appointing?

  • Chook

    Zero Holy Spirit , 100% CO is God on earth, he is the corporate representative who has as much power as old DO, To say they discern Holy Spirit is like saying you can see ghosts . If appointments are by Holy Spirit there would be no reason for elders to ask ALL new appointments if they have any secret sins.

  • HereIgo

    @Chook, I agree. I had a few secret sins when they asked me that very question lol I answered "no" and still got appointed, which further led to my doubts that Holy Spirit is not involved.

  • Divergent

    It's a blessing in disguise. DON'T get appointed!!!

  • HereIgo

    Divergent, I agree!!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    And yet here we all are. All left God's Holy Spirit directed Watchtower Organization.

    All us filthy apostates will be known sooner or later.

    You see, in then end Jehovah took care of those problems. He set things right if we just wait for Him. He won't allow such injustice forever.

    And so the dubs think the congregation is really governed by the 2 Big J's.

    They'll never know about many 'sins' and dissenters that manage to stay hidden. And the ones that are found out (even after 50 years) are evidence that J-man is keeping his congo clean. Ridiculous.

  • TheWonderofYou

    If you are net ready to receive more tasks and privileges and to work really hard the holy spirit - that is imminent with the branch - will not select you.

  • prologos

    when writing about local injustices to your branch or brooklyn (warwick), always remind them that these men were appointed by reps of the WTBtS. inc. ask if they approve of the actions by the representatives they appointed. Their appointers (COs) have now no fixed address, are moved about , are hard to pin down in any complaint.

  • sir82

    CO decides, based on pretty much just his own opinion. The earlier in his 3-year "cycle" the more he relies on the elders' comments. Later in the cycle, it's pretty much just whatever his opinion is.

    Oh, and of course before appointment, the CO calls Bethel to verify that the nominee's name is not on the list of confirmed pedophiles. That list of course "does not exist", but it is essential to check against it anyway.


    As I told the Elders who interrogated me, "If you start this proceeding, praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but immediately base all of your thinking/judgments on man-made procedures, you've kicked the Holy Spirit out of the room."

    Their response? "We obey the Faithful Slave...." Next thing you know, my name is off all the lists! LOL!! Seriously, they must have put in a rush-order on that one! Every list was there on Sunday, changed by Wednesday!

    Here we are, years later, no Bible readings, no more #4 ( or was it a #3??? ), no barf-tastic BS sit-down interviews, no script reading, and no WT reading!!! Yep! Blessing in disguise!!


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