just bobbed on to see if any links for new wt library?

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  • tezrichmond
    is there any links about for new jw library? is it on dvd this time?
  • average joe
    average joe
    With the new online library everything is available online . I would think their would be no need for a new library cd/dvd anymore but I dunno.
  • wifibandit

    Yes, there is a thread on the topic.


    Watchtower Library 2015 English
    This is an ISO file. You can use it to make your own dvd. You can also "mount" the ISO file, as if there were an actual DVD in the computer and install from there.
    If you have access to WTLib2015 any other language, please contact me.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The Borg is in a mode to downturn the printing work. A large ''subtle push'' by many in the Borg are influencing many to get electronic tablet devices to have the entire library available at all times.
  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005
    Thanks, wifibandit. The link worked perfectly. 2015 is now installed.
  • Atlantis


    Many thanks old chap! Six pack is in order!



  • Marcial

    Bonjour à tous et je vous présente mes meilleurs voeux pour 2016.

    Retrouver le gout de vivre en liberté et de le partager entre nous n'est-ce pas là un objectif vital ?

    S'en donner les moyens et surtout les partager voila un hommage que nous devons rendre à Atlantis notamment et à tous ceux qui se joignent à lui pour notre plus grand bonheur.

    Peut etre et je vous pose la question est-ce que parmi vous il serait possible de nous procurer le DVD WTL 2016 en langue française? Il est possible de me contacter en message privé via le forum.

    Merci à tous


  • jaydee


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