2021-June-Announcements And Reminders!

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    2021-June-S-147-Announcements And Reminders

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Thank you for your continued support Atlantis & team.


  • FedUpJW

    Thank you!

    I did notice this little nugget: When visiting donate.jw.org it will default to your present location.Therefore, you must update the location to India in order to donate as an Indian citizen. To update the location, simply click on the country name displayed, and enter “India” in the search form that opens.

    Isn't it strange that WT condamns lying as being from Satan out one side of their mouth, and then in order to get more $$$ in donations instructs members how to LIE when setting their actual physical location to a country location where they are not at so that the money will roll in! HYPOCRITES!!

  • Atlantis

    St George of England:


    Thank you!


  • zachias

    After recent actions in Russia and the GB doing a runner out of that country they left behind instructions on how to 'export' money out of Russia to the WT HQ by keeping the amounts below some amount.

    Has anyone the details on this. I have seen so much I dont keep links anymore.

    But asking folks to actually lie? Diabolical.

  • smiddy3

    Zachias ,in WT land its not lying when you deceive Satans old world system of things its called Theocratic Warfare .

    JW`s conveniently overlook Rom.13: 1-7 ,the superiour authorities are Jehovah Gods arrangement and to go against that arrangement is to take a stand against the arrangement of Jehovah god.

    And they will be punished accordingly.

  • Bobbeh

    How can "video showings" be higher than before the pandemic?

    Do they class each letter sent as a few placements and a video showing because "of course the householder will go and browse our wonderful website"

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, that doesn't make any sense to me either... Maybe they're counting online traffic to the website?

  • FFGhost
    How can "video showings" be higher than before the pandemic?

    Since JWs can't go door to door, they do a lot of "phone witnessing" including whatsapp.

    They'll send links to jw.borg videos via WhatsApp to their return visits, studies, etc. Then they'll ask "did you watch the video?"

    If the answer is "yes", cha-ching! More gold leaf to make their monthly report look shinier.

    It's actually far easier to achieve a "video showing" now. It avoids the utterly bizarroid phenomenon of using a 19th century sales tactic (knocking on doors) to try to sell a 21st century invention (streaming video).

    It just makes me cringe, trying to imagine myself knocking on someone's door and asking if they'd like to watch a video on the handheld device I happen to be carrying with me. Every "householder" would have to be thinking "WTF kind of loon walks from door to door trying to get people to watch a video? Why aren't they on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok or whatever?"

  • psyco

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