Does the night sky prove the universe is older than 6-7 thousand years old?

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    Irongland: LOL! That's from the crazy guy's web site I posted a long time ago... what was his name??? hehehe

  • IronGland

    Stephen Hawking

  • drwtsn32

    I found that thread:

    You know I bought one of those immortality rings and it hasn't failed me yet!

  • heathen

    I like that stephen hawking explaination of gravity .It's a shame he died .I don't even think that einstein explored the possiblities of the inner earth core rotating faster than the outer crust to cause the kind of friction needed to produce a magnetic feild . In my own mind I always thought gravity had something to do with atmospheric presure and the rotation of the earth .Physics is a very interesting topic .

  • OICU8it2

    Light does NOT travel at the same speed all the time. Massive stars and large collections of galaxies in "small" areas slow the speed of light. As do black holes, which stop light from escaping at all - Gravity affects the speed of light. I think I read light had been slowed to about walking speed. Again, I think I read it had been stopped and started. Yeah, it can be slowed but that would just make the universe older. The point is it has a maximux speed that is not exceeded or causality violations could occur. In a way it is surpassed all the time with quantum leaps, entanglement etc. These don't violate anything since no info is passed faster. It's all Greek to me. Just passin' what Iv'e read. I'm no expert.

  • rem


    Great info!

    What is the speed of gravity? Instantaneous, the speed of light, or somewhere between?

    Theoretically, the speed of light. otoh, Newtonian mechanics required that gravity be propagated instantaneously.

    I believe there was an experiment done just a few months ago that pretty much confirmed this theory. I'm not sure if anyone has been able to replicate it:

    Heathen, I don't think Steven Hawking is dead. Maybe you are thinking of Stephen J. Gould? Though, he was not a physicist.


  • heathen

    wow rem that's some good news . I know he was very ill and I never heard it from a reliable news source but from an individual and thought he was That is one smart dude. for stephen hawkings

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