We do sound like a cult

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The the poor simple fellow jumped out of one cult straight into another. Some people are destined to be cult members!

    And remember it is only the cult members who cannot see they belong to a cult.................

  • notalone

    Thank you everyone. I know many of us have alot of those we love dearly stuck in this cult. We hope they will realize what is happening, but we also realize the challenge ahead of them and wonder if they are up to it. I am starting to think that maybe things are unraveling.That toto has pulled back the curtain and to many have seen just a little too much. They are being told to disregard what they are seeing and their fear is telling them to listen but- If this sister is having some cracks in the jw armor maybe there are alot more that are about to see a very uncomfortable truth- the old wizards are just a bunch of carnival tricksters with alot of smoke, mirrors and fear telling people they will take care of the wicked witches of life if we just do them a few little favors. Maybe they and maybe we will all realize we always had the power all along.

  • Finkelstein
  • smiddy

    It sounds like she is just one hop,step,and a jump away from fading ,I can only hope so for her sake.

  • carla

    I agree with AudeSapere that the use of 'cult' is more palatable to jw's. It is the politically correct usage I guess. When speaking with a jw they may accept 'high control' better but if speaking with non jw's about the org I ALWAYS use the word 'cult'.

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