My old congregation is gone

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  • cookiemaster

    Went to the Hall today as I was the designated driver for my parents. An elder who was in our old congregation in the city gave the talk. I've had a little chat with him and apparently our old congo is gone. The borg decided to sell their KH for lots of $$$ (probably a few hundred thousand euro) and merge their congo with another, now having 140 people crammed into a single congo. Nice money making scheme the borg seems to have going on.

  • scratchme1010

    The got in the business of real estate a while back. That's how they have managed to stay afloat and continuing making money. I heard that they had the title of all KHs in USA to be turned to them.

  • hoser

    The last hall I went to they had the congregation scrape together enough funds to renovate the hall and then within the year closed the congregation and sold the hall out from under us.

  • Chook

    Because they refused education they missed out on the real money making scam of building and running hospitals.

  • Listener

    Let's hope the 140 members dwindles down quickly.

  • pepperheart
    And that is even with them not printing 20 million mags a month worldwide as well do you think they might be a bit short of money lol
  • Mozzie

    They are downsizing in all aspects at the moment.

  • eyeuse2badub

    This trend is all part of "new light"!

    The borg used to teach, "build and they will come"!

    The adjusted view by the borg is, "sell. for they have gone"!

    just saying!

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