Booze Boy, The Early Years

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  • olongapo joe
    olongapo joe

    Someone commented on an old post, "JW's attract a lot of misfits and alcoholics" yep, fits my family to a T. Booze was at every family reunion, party, picnic, you name it, if my family was gonna be there, there was gonna be lots of booze. My pops was cheap (he dropped out of school in the 9th grade, so only worked low paying jobs) so to save money on beer, he and my uncle decide to make some homebrew (this is in the early 70's, before all the beer brewing kits you can get now). They got a recipe from some old codger, dug up an old 30 gallon crock from god only knows where, and commences to buying cans of malt, bags of sugar, cases of empty bottles, a hand operated capping machine the whole nine yards, oh, it was a big operation, yep, were gonna save a bundle on beer!

    So the first batch gets mixed, and sits in the basement a couple of weeks. The anticipation is building, cheap tasty homebrew, man is this gonna be great! So the big day comes, gonna taste the nectar of the gods, well, it wasn't quite nectar of the gods, more like bathwater of the gods! This stuff was murky, bitter tasting crap! Did we throw it out you ask? Hell no, bottled every drop of it, must have taken two months to choke down all that swill. Well that was the end of the homebrewing, back to drinking that stuff in the white can that just says BEER

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The Borg attracts a lot of burn-outs.

    I mentioned the other day about the Borg attracting a lot of weirdoes, spazzos, queers and dweebs who are either burned-out from narcotics, alcohol and or tobacco.

  • TMS
    In 1970 the "Society" sent my wife and I to Danville, Arkansas in dry Yell county. We quickly learned from a local JW how to make wine from 3 cans of frozen Welch's Grape Juice, 3 cups of sugar, a gallon of water and a large balloon. The ingredients were put into a gallon jug with the balloon at the mouth of the jug. The balloon would inflate like crazy during fermentation, then deflate when the product was ready.
  • Vidiot

    Hey, da Judge ain't called "Boozerford" for nothin'.

    These guys are just carryin' on a JW tradition.

  • sir82

    We quickly learned from a local JW how to make wine from 3 cans of frozen Welch's Grape Juice, 3 cups of sugar, a gallon of water and a large balloon.

    Good lord, I can't imagine that being anything close to appetizing. How did it taste?

    On the OP: There are a significant number of JWs of my acquaintance who spend virtually every non-meeting moment in an alcoholic haze. One I know brags about his ability to keep a "just short of drunken buzz" going on for an entire evening. "It's an art" he says.

  • PaintedToeNail
    sir82-I've had the Welch's Grape Juice wine many times, it is really quite good if you like sweet wine. Sometimes it would get fizzy like champaigne and be really good.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    I must have made 100s of gallons of white wine over the years...just using cheap apple juice..sugar and yeast . but now I just buy it when I fancy it.

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