Blood Transfusions/Blood Salvage

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    For many decades JW's have been using Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution. I tried to find a video of this particular autologous WHOLE blood transfusion but was not able to. Instead I found a brief video demonstrating the "Hemobag" which is essentially the same procedure, and is in fact used on JW patients with the WTS and HLC blessing with a very slight modification. Watch the video for yourself and decide whether or not you think JWs are transfusing whole blood or not.

  • smiddy


    It was interesting to read that blood fractions are made out of whole blood.

    And that whole blood is donated by the general population who JW`s condemn as being a part of Satans world including Christendom.

    By the way Welcome NJ501

  • Fisherman
    What are your thoughts? Would it be acceptable by the JW doctrine?

    No. It violates JW doctrine.


    No. It violates JW doctrine.....fisherman

    As long as it benefits the WBT$.

    The WBT$ Will Change "JW Doctrine"...

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