Review: 2019 Regional Convention

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  • AshleyCollins

    I had to sign up here just to comment.
    I agree with everything you said. I am JW, got baptized 5 years ago at 19. If I knew all the things I know now, I don't think I'd do that. I think that the thread of "if you won't get baptized Jhvh is not saving you in the final day" is kinda manipulative of course. But if you don't get baptized and are just "a friend of the truth" people inside will look at you in a weird way...
    Anyway. I didn't like this convention at all. Maybe it was because my mind wqas constantly somewhere else. But with my friend we agree that it was way too depressive. All of the videos and experiences. If I was a person from "outside" and I went there I would not want to do anything with them ever again. How they can invite so many people to see this. When they are showing off they wealth and manipulation like you pointed - don't have a career instead of we should be preaching lol.
    There should be more talks about real love, how to manifest it and prove it in real life. Like in a human and universal way. Law of attraction wise

  • millie210

    Great post AshleyC and welcome!

    You are among good people here.

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