Anyone go to Grace Convention?

by mouthy 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • TresHappy

    Hi Grace,

    I am making my travel reservations this week or next for my trip to PA. I am so looking forward to seeing you in October.

  • mouthy

    Me too!! Treshappy-I hear there is a waiting list. Hope your booked!!! I am taking 3 others. !!!

    I am so excited!!!! I hope I live long enough for that!!!!! Roll on October!!!!!!!!!

    You others on here dont know what your missing!!!! Oct 17-19 Blue Mountains ....Lots of fun...Lots of deer- sometimes there is bear.( once I saw them) .Eat your hearts out while neoman. borgfree, trehappy & many.many others have a ball...

  • borgfree


    Great explanations except the accumelator!!!! YOU dont know what it is..

    Is it that thing that looks like a big flower and acts like a speaker?

    I want to move in with you in your new home!

    Ok, but Allen intends to drop off the kids a lot for me to watch, so you will have to help.


  • mouthy

    No that is not an accumulator. It is a glass container filled with acid. That we used to attach to our battery operated radios. We had to take them to the shop to get them filled every week...In the OLD days.

    O.K. I will help with the kids ...Can I come??? Oh.Never mind...I guess I better not go to the U.S.A Our country never helped in your war......( That is what I was told by a exJW-guess I will listen to but Pa is not part of the U.S.A as far as I am concerned it is part of Eden.....for me

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