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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    By the time I'm in this forum I suppose plenty of you have already made the obvious comparison between the WT and many totalitarian kinds of government.

    Based on the 1984 novel by Orwell, a satiric comment about the socialist regime, it's amazing how it fits almost perfectly the history of the WT.

    The Farms= The christendom (mainly ruled by the Roman Catholic Church)

    The animal farm = the bible students group

    The pigs = The WT leaders in Brooklyn

    Old major = Russell. The wise theologian who laid the foundation for what would come to be.

    Snowball = The board of directors appointed by Russell to take over the WT teaching when he dies.

    Napoleon = Rutherford. The authoritarian leader who took over by means of a coup the control of the WT teachings.

    The rules

    In the book, the animals led by the pigs, right after get themselves free from human power, set a list of rules with the main objective to differentiate the freedom of the animals from the cruelty of the men. By the end of the story, the pigs, drunk with the power had already corrupted completely all the rules and the original dream of the animals. Some rules were:

    1- whatever comes in Two legs = enemy

    2 - whatever comes in Four legs, or wings = friend

    3 - No animal must wear clothes.

    4 - No animal must sleep in beds

    5 - No animal must drink alchool.

    6 - No animal may kill another animal.

    7 - All animals are equal.

    This is how it became after the pigs corrupted the farm:

    1 - Walking in four legs is good. Two legs is better

    2 - Walking in two legs makes you inferior.

    3 - The pigs end up wearing clothes

    4 - No animal must sleep in beds "with sheets".

    5 - No animal shall drink alchool to excess

    6 - No animal shall kill another animal "without cause"

    7 - All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    Well, let's see how it fits with the WT history. First, let's take some conceptions the Bible students had in their beginning (until the end of IXX century):

    1 "The Bible is the only source of truth. We don't have any other source like the Catholic church has its long list of doctrines made by men."

    2 "The ransom is the main point of the Bible."

    3 "All who show to have faith in Christ's rasom is a christian brother or sister. We don't consider people who differs from us in some points of the bible as not christians, like the RC church does towards the protestants."

    4 "A distinct name isn't necessary because religions only separate people, let's call ourselves just Bible students that what we are."

    5 "It's important to meet privately with christian brothers to search the Bible for the truth. We are not like the RC church that leaves all research and interpretation to a few men in one point of the Earth, while the large crowd waits passively."

    6 "Excommunication is anti-christian, we should show love and try to recover sinners, not shun them,"

    7 "We don't need great buildings to worship, each christian may worship God anywhere, since has the right motivation. We are not like the RC church that has hundreds of sumptuous buildings in order to display power."

    8 "We don't need anything visible to worship our invisible God. We are not like the RC church that makes its faithful ones dependent of their images and temples."

    Well, after some time, let's see what it became;

    1 "The Bible is the only source of truth. But without our faithful and prudent slave class, we can't figure anything out correctly"

    2 "The ransom is the SECOND main point of the Bible. The main point is Jehovah's sovereignity. Doesn't matter that the sovereignity depends on the ransom to be fulfilled."

    3 "Only Jehovah's witnesses are tru christians, so you may call brother or sister only them"


    5 "If you start researching the Bible by yourself is because you don't trust the FPS, so you don't trust God, so you are the anti-christ. Go sleep, we can handle all this 'research' thing to you."

    6 "Excommunication is anti-christian, disfellowshipping is something totally different. Oh, and we don't shun people without base. We normally spent soo much time questioning the accused because we don't want to make a decision in a hurry. We know it will affect all his or her life. That's why we spend until 3 hours on it."

    7 "An excellent way to show the world you are a true christian is to come to work in the construction in our new headquaryters. It's soo beautiful and confortable. You may take a picture and stick it to the wall of your three-years-unfinished own house."

    8 "Jesus would be lost without the Org."

    Well, that's it guys. I'm totally thinking about making a similar satiric story about the JW history. I bet may JWs would buy, read, laugh and close the book without noticing it is about the ORG.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Eerie how Orwell understood how it all works, isn't it?

    Thanks for taking the time to write it out like that. I'm not sure I could read Animal Farm again (so annoyingly true about the WT) so having a list of the major points makes it simple to remember as well as the comparison of the wT.

  • Diogenesister

    Perfect! I've always thought animal farm completely exemplifies the Watchtowers history.

    The poor old horse who works himself to death for the other animals and the farm because he believes deeply it is his duty...All the while the pigs living it up in the big house take advantage of him. Then, when he collapses and can work no more, instead of a decent retirement they send him off to the knackers yard/glue factory to squeeze the last bit of cash out of him. Ugh. How much is that JUST like watchtower views the poor rank and file who give their all.

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