I poem about being in the society

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  • thetruthaboutjws

    i figured i would share my poem I wrote it is based on the borg and my being in it for 17 years. Tell me what you think of it.

    Decete, the pain, the hurt
    Why human greed and mortal power/
    Leaves with no remorse, our stomach sour/
    Love and hope and friendships end/
    Because of lies and evil men/

    The deciete I speak consumed them all/
    Unaware inevitably they will fall/
    Large false prophecies and little truth/
    Allows them to consume the youth/

    Soon youth grow older they realise/
    They have all thrown away their lives/
    They can't turn back it is no use/
    For there's to much for them to lose/

    Listen closley to what I say/
    So in end you will not pay/
    If listen not then you will see/
    You might become another me/

    written by me Levi Henley Copywrite 2003

  • beverykind

    I have never been a jw . . . but i was touched by your poem

  • Ravyn

    good job Levi.


  • twolips


  • gambit

    Very nice Levi ! On the bright side, It great to see you come as far as you have by 18 yo. I got out at 18, but now I'm 42 and never talked/wrote/investigated anything all those years. I was a walking time-bomb... This place fell in my lap recently, and I finally realized what was bottled up.

    Keep writing...


    P.S. Date them and save them !!! You will appreciate how far you've come on those days your feeling really shitty and read threw where you started.

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