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  • poopie

    June watchtower on greeting are they now trying stealthily to change shunning.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Probably not.

    More likely they are trying to "create" evidence to present to the public to prove that they don't shun.

    (But we know that's BS!)

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    No new light. Every JW knows that the encouragement to greet people doesn't extend to filthy exjw scumbags, unless explicitly stated.

    This article is doublespeak at it's finest.

  • smiddy3

    It`s more than likely "Theocratic Warfare" in the making tell the non JW world what they want to hear and tell the Rank and File what they must OBEY.

    Isn`t that what they do with the public WatchTower magazine they give to the public and that same publication they give to dedicated Jehovah`s witnesses the Rank and File is somewhat different from the public version ?

    Jehovah`s Witnesses / Governing Body speak with a forked tongue ,what they say to the Rank & File members is not what you will hear spoken to the general public.

    The sooner Nations and Governments recognize this the better and it`s up to us to make sure they do see the deception /obfuscation the Jehovah`s witness religion employs.

  • blownaway

    Remember the truth is for "those deserving of hearing it. " LOL a self created loop hole to let them lie.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Next time you create a topic can you elaborate on what the heck you are talking about. Few quotes could go a long way. I noticed other people gave you 2 dislikes. I added one more. You do this quite frequently, leaving people wondering.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    @Never A JW,

    If you stick around here long enough you'll learn that this is Poopie style.

    Many have tried and failed before you to make Poopie add some context to posts.

    Well, there has been major improvement as most of Poopies post can be understood nowadays. They used to be completely incoherent.

    But that's the charm of forums like these: everyone can participate at their own level and volition.

  • scratchme1010

    June watchtower on greeting are they now trying stealthily to change shunning


  • Diogenesister
    Many have tried and failed before you to make Poopie add some context to posts.

    Yup. That's poopie.

    As someone who never shuts up I have a sneaking admiration for him/her/it.

  • truthwillsetyoufree

    I a.m. under the inpression (my opinion) that the society has come under a spot of fire regarding shunning, and having looked at some YouTube clips with regard to recent court cases shunning has definitely been brought up. It is interesting to note that there is even an article on the website regarding whether or not Jws practice shunning. This is a very controversial subject to bring up especially when the organisation actively encourages the public to go on to It’s surprising to see that the society would bring it to the publics attention. That is until you read the stupid article! And then you realise what the crafty org. is trying to do! They make out, online, that the organisation does not shun members who “fall away”. But seek to encourage them to return. Try don’t say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ to the answer. We all know that an honest answer here would be “yes we do practise shunning”. But of course that would make the organisation look bad. So they sidestep the question by focusing on, not on disfellowshipped personwho are indeed shunned, but on those who have simply ‘fallen away’ those who have stopped going to the meetings and engaging in the ministry, such ones who have not been disfellowshipped. Instead of actually answering the question directly they focus on a a certain group of people in order to answer the question. The answer of course is ‘no, we don’t shun these people’. But it’s no different from saying “well, if a person skips a meeting we don’t shun him” or “if a member forgets to bring his bible to the meeting we don’t shun him.” The question is do the witness practise shunning. The answer is yes! But the watchtower has once again skirted the question and attempts to mislead the audience into thinking that shunning is in fact not practised for JW.orh says so. This is simply done to make the organisation look more attractive that it actually is and will only reveal the truth when the individual has already studied the book “what does the bible really teach” and moved into the Gods love book, by which the individual would have become acquainted with many friendly witnesses even becoming friends, no doubt beginning to attend meetings and already transitioning to a JW lifestyle. At this point they are primed to accept harder to swallow teachings such as ‘witnesses shun those who are disfellowshipped’.

    Imagine if the person was given that detail before they chose to study! My mother cofessed to me (she is still a JW) that had she realised what the teaching of shunning was all about then she never would have joined!

    How does my rambling on concern the June watchtower and this thought that the society may change is shunning stance? Simply this: the organisation will never change its stance on the shunning principle. Just like the two witness rule the shunning teaching has received media attention and continues to do so in many western countries. It’s being featured on television, YouTube clips, newspapers and of course all over the internet. The two witness rule which many of us hoped would change due to all the bad publicity that teaching has had recently had the opposite affect on the governing body than we had hoped. Instead of modifying it the governing body hardened their hearts and released articles and even videos I b reaffirming, stomping their feet almost, that the two witness rule will not be changed.

    Any article and video brought out now regarding the shunning policy will have the same thing happen. It may present the teaching has having been changed and presented in a favourable light. But this will have nothing to do with disfellowshipped ones - they remain firmly shunned. Any article will serve as a teaching tool to help the faithful be able to better express to the public that the shunning teaching doesn’t happen - we all know, and my dad is the perfect example, that whatever the watchtower says is parroted by deluded jws. Present the shunning teaching in a way that looks like the witness don’t shun to the average ‘borgbot’ and they will repeat it verbatim to the public. You’ll have witnesses saying we don’t shun anyone whilst still shunning people and not even realising the contradiction.

    Thise of you who have read this far I offer my apologise. I am completely unable, like the watchtower, to answer a question directly, succinctly and straight to the point. Like the watchtower I go over every angle, examine all the detail and write for the sake of writing.

    Even now offering this apology I am rambling.

    If I had gone to bethel I would like to believe that I would have been sent straight to the writing department.

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