Episode 8 - Get Out Of Her, My People - It All Came Tumbling Down - Is Now Out

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  • dubstepped

    Episode 8 - Get Out Of Her, My People - It All Came Tumbling Down, is now out. This is a long one and the next to last in my story. This is where it all went down. There comes a point in life when you know too much to ever go back to the person you once were, or to the cult that you once called home. Unfortunately there are no easy ways to leave a cult. This is my journey out and I detail the price that was paid for my freedom.

    I'm up over 6300 downloads now and just got another great iTunes review, woohoo!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks buddy!

    I only just checked this morning...must have missed it by a few hours!

    Keep up the good work!

  • NewYork44M

    Hey, Dubstepped, I am listening to your podcast, even as am writing this. Great story!. BTW, I grew up in Indiana, chances are may know the same people.

    Good luck to your continued success.

  • dubstepped

    @siar - Yeah, I had to delay putting this one out. I only get x amount of space on my media server that I pay for each month to host the podcast and had to wait until it reset August 1. Then I also got a bad chest cold over the weekend that I'm struggling to shake. Yesterday was the first day my voice was close to normal. Hopefully it sounds okay. I spot listened but had some voice issues after talking so long. Gonna give it a listen this morning myself.

  • dubstepped

    @NY44m - Glad you like it! Thanks for the well wishes too. :)

    I'm really from Louisville KY and know more people on that side of the river, but my wife is from Seymour IN and we spent our married life in Clarksville IN so we did get to know people in deep southern IN. Pm me if you want to throw some names my way.

    Enjoy your day!


    Awesome will listen tonight !!

  • NewYork44M

    Dubbstepped, I grew up in Richmond. I remember going to Louisville for the District convention. This was a long time ago, in the 70s.

  • dubstepped

    @NY44M - Ah, that was before my time. I was born in 77 and my parents became dubs when I was 8-9ish. Good old Freedom Hall was a great place for a convention though. I hated when we had to move to Evansville Indiana from there. I never liked traveling to the conventions much. I love hotels and staying in them, but I hated ever going to breakfast because the brothers and sisters were ridiculous in the way they behaved and it just made me feel bad. I would go out and buy breakfast just to not have to be around them. Don't have to do that anymore!

  • Phoebe


    Loved it! I especially felt your relief at leaving the convention. We did that, too. My super theocratic sister and her elder husband don't talk to us because we are not good enough. We saw them at the circuit assembly and I'd just had a baby, I thought she might want to see him. They were so horrible to me, refused to speak and didn't want to see the baby, that my husband scooped up our kids and said we're leaving. Walking out of the assembly hall and driving home was the best feeling...so I felt you and your wife's relief.

    BTW. Having listened to you for hours now, I was compelled to see a proper photo of you and you wife, so I found you on Facebook :)

  • dubstepped

    Hi Phoebe,

    I was at the Midwest Apostafest yesterday for the first time so I'm just seeing this.

    I just can't imagine the way they can be when children are involved like that. It's so inhuman. I am glad you got to feel that relief though. That tends to happen when you leave cult life for the real life.

    Feel free to friend us on Facebook if you want. We've made a lot of new friends through this process. Of course, and I can't remember your situation, but friendship with me could mess up a fade.

    I'll be recording my last episode tomorrow. It is written and ready to go. I'll be sad to see this go but I'll keep promoting it for new people that need to hear it.

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